Get a Scandinavian Kitchen at a Fraction of the Cost

The Scandinavian interior is unmistakable with its clean lines and natural materials. It’s known for its predominantly white and neutral palette, organic shapes, and heavy use of natural materials. The Scandinavian kitchen is stripped down to the bare essentials and radiates with minimal beauty. It is warm, bright, and light. It is a functional and sophisticated space.

It isn’t surprising that many people aspire to this style of kitchen. However, many wonder how they can achieve the same look without access to Scandinavian fittings. Cabinet ERA offers homeowners easy and affordable solutions.

One of the essential rules of Scandinavian design is to keep it light and simple. A lighter color scheme makes the room feel bright and more massive than it is. Light-colored kitchen cupboards and walls will reflect the light coming into the kitchen to enhance this effect even further.

If you’re looking for modern kitchen cabinet ideas to incorporate in your design for a Scandinavian feel, Cabinet ERA is the right place to go. The wholesale distributor offers a wide range of cabinets for selection. Many of the modern designs offer clean lines that will fit perfectly into a Scandinavian kitchen. The semi-custom option gives you complete control over the finishing of the cabinets. White or light neutrals are the best way to achieve that Scandinavian touch in your kitchen.

You, however, should not be afraid of adding a touch of color if an all-white kitchen is too sterile for you. There are many creative ways to incorporate color in your design. Cabinet ERA offers affordable granite countertops in different colors. These can help break up the light color scheme and adding a pop of fun and color.

Keeping things simple, clean, and uncluttered is also vital for Scandinavian design. It often calls for hidden storage and handles that are non-existent or subtle. It helps to create a seamless finish. You can achieve this with the help of the team at Cabinet ERA. Cabinet doors can be customized to suit your preferences. It goes right down to the fixings. You can also have cabinet doors made to fit custom hidden storage spaces.

Scandinavian kitchen design places a heavy emphasis on creating a functional space. It isn’t always apparent to people when it comes to designing a beautiful room. How can you combine form and function to create a space that you love?

Cabinet ERA offers a free consultation for clients. It includes a session with a skilled and experienced interior designer. With the use of 3D software, you can see your vision come to life and make necessary adjustments before the actual work begins. It saves a lot of time and money.

Cabinet ERA offers clients a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creating their dream kitchen. The distributor also provides clients great deals on cabinets and other products. According to their website, homeowners can save up to 65 percent on cabinets purchased from the distributor.

Benefit from Semi-Custom Cabinetry

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, cabinets will undoubtedly be one of the first things on your list. With so many different styles and finishes in the market today, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll find what you’re looking for when you search for ‘Kitchen cabinets on sale near me.’ It is precisely where semi-custom cabinetry comes in.

If you’re in Arlington, Baltimore, or the Waldorf area and are searching for just the right cabinetry for your bathroom or kitchen, you may have come across Cabinet ERA. The online store offers showroom quality cabinets at an affordable price. With their semi-custom options for vanities and popular Home Depot brand cabinets, you can get that custom look at a fraction of the cost.

The semi-custom option allows you to choose from their collection of cabinets and have the cupboards done to fit your space perfectly. It means that you can have them in the exact size and finish and with the correct fittings you want. You, therefore, have more flexibility when it comes to the design of your space. You can choose oversized appliances, for example, that would be too wide for stock cabinets and have the cabinet doors done to fit. The result is your own unique space. It’ll look like you hired an interior designer when you didn’t.

With semi-custom cabinets, you can ensure the perfect fit right from the distributor. You don’t have to worry about making alterations to the cupboards when they arrive, which often ends up destroying them. You get the pieces made to fit the space perfectly. There are no gaps or overhanging parts. So, when you search for ‘buy bathroom vanity’ and are looking for a vanity to fit an awkwardly small space, you can have it done to just the right dimensions to fit in the space available. No alterations will be required when your vanity is delivered.

The semi-custom option from Cabinet ERA also enables you to take benefit from the craftsmanship of highly skilled professionals. The cabinet distributor offers a free consultation for their clients. You’ll work with professionals that understand cabinets and design to craft cabinets that suit your space perfectly. Clients get cabinets made to their exact specifications and professional installation. The whole process can get completed in a matter of days. It means you can create your dream space in the shortest time possible and get high-end results at a fraction of the cost.

The semi-custom cabinetry is not just for the kitchen and the bathroom. It applies to any room that requires cabinets installed. Whether you’re planning to have an entertainment center installed in your living room or want some cabinets installed in your office, the semi-custom option from Cabinet ERA is what you need to achieve the look you want. Semi-custom cabinets are versatile. They can get built to suit any space.

With Cabinet ERA’s semi-custom cabinets, nothing is off-limits. You can now design the space of your dreams and save time and money doing it.

Ideas to Create Storage in a Small Apartment

Moving to a big city means opening yourself up to more opportunities. It also often means living in a smaller space. Today’s high cost of living in many urban areas means that we must adjust to these small spaces and make the best of them. The following are some ideas to help you maximize your space for storage in a small apartment.

  1. Use furniture for storage

Purchase furniture that can double up as storage space. Smart solutions such as storage benches or ottomans can provide a place to store those things that are used often but can result in clutter when left out. Use these storage solutions to store scrapbooks, toys, clothes, blankets, and other items you want to keep within easy reach.

       2. Add storage furniture to your bathroom

Storage furniture such as the Ashely furniture bathroom vanity will provide extra space for storage in the bathroom while giving it a chic touch. Vanity with storage space is functionality at its finest. You get counter space, as well as storage space all, form a single piece of furniture.

       3. Invest in portable storage furniture

Create more storage space for your kitchen with a deep pantry cabinet. It is a great way to create a pantry, especially for a small kitchen. You can position the cupboard in the room adjacent to the kitchen if space in the kitchen is limited.

        4. Install shelves everywhere

Shelves are the easiest way to increase storage in any area. Open shelves will provide a space to store items without making a small space feel cramped. Floating shelves lined up like steps to the room will make the ceiling feel taller than it is.

Use the tips above to create more storage space in your apartment and make it feel less cramped.

Affordable Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom feel tired and old? Renovating it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The tips below will help you revive it and create your spa without breaking the bank.

  1. Update your bathroom fixtures

It is a very cheap and easy way to give it a new look and feel. A new shower head or faucet can give it a modern feel. This simple change can result in a significant visual lift for your bathroom.

       2. Replace old and worn cabinets

Another affordable way to change the look and feel of your bathroom is by replacing your cabinet doors. It doesn’t have to be an expensive venture if you know where to get high quality and affordable doors. 21st Century cabinets prices, for example, are quite affordable. The cabinets are stylish and can be customized to suit your space. You’ll achieve the custom look at a fraction of the price.

         3. Update your lighting

Outdated lighting can turn it into a drab space. Update your lighting to create a modern look. Consider contemporary options such as pendant lights or chandeliers. Avoid cold fluorescent lighting. Instead, go for lights that simulate natural light as closely as possible.

         4. Go for a stylish vanity

Increase the storage in it by investing in an elegant vanity. A sleek vanity is not only functional but will also help to add a chic touch to your bathroom. Search for ‘discount bathroom vanity near me,’ to find a vanity within your price range. Be sure to choose one that will fit into your space. It should also provide you with a counter space to meet your needs.

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. You can revive your bathroom with the ideas outlined above.

Tips to Get Your Kitchen Cabinets under Control

Is your life in danger of being cut short by an avalanche of items falling from your kitchen cabinets? Do you have to guess as to where objects are in your cupboards?

The thought of reorganizing your kitchen cabinets can seem overwhelming. That is if you don’t know where to start. The following tips will give you great ideas to help you maximize kitchen storage and get your kitchen cabinets under control.

  1. Invest in baskets and bins

One of the hardest parts of organizing kitchen cupboards is dealing with small items such as spices, cleaning supplies, and produce. You can reduce the clutter in a matter of minutes by arranging these small items in baskets and bins. It will keep them contained and easy to access when needed.

       2. Use lazy Susans

These multitier turntables will not only help to create more levels for storage but also make it easy to access items. They are especially helpful for organizing small items such as condiments, vitamins, and spices. Use them in corners of cabinets to maximize your available storage space.

       3. Create more levels with stacking shelves

Create more panels for storage of more items in your cabinets with wire stacking shelves. These shelves will help you make use of the wasted headspace in your cupboards. Use them to store plates, cups, glasses, and other small items that don’t require a lot of headroom.

       4. Make use of cabinet doors

Make use of your kitchen cabinet doors by installing hooks on the inside of the door to hang utensils. Home depot kitchen cabinets are strong and durable. They can withstand the installation of hooks, corkboards, pegboards, and other solutions that you can use to maximize storage.

The solutions outlined above are simple and convenient ways to help you organize your kitchen cabinets. Make use of them to take back control of your cupboards.

Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on a Budget

Renovating a kitchen isn’t cheap. However, with a little attention to detail, and some know-how, you can achieve that high-end look at a fraction of the cost. The following are some tips to help you do just that.

  1. Replace old and worn cabinets

Changing your cabinets can transform your kitchen completely. Replace your old and worn cabinets with new cabinets. Consider stained and painted kitchen cabinets to save money while creating a high-end look. Go for those with a high-gloss finish for an extra dose of glam.

  1. Replace your countertops

The appearance of your countertops also plays a significant role in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Marble, granite, and other stone countertops are the best way to give your kitchen an elegant touch. Go for discount granite countertops in a shade that suits your overall theme.

  1. Pay attention to lighting

The lights in your kitchen are an essential part of the design of it. Many people tend to look at the ceiling first when they walk into a room. You can achieve a high-end look with elegant low hanging light fixtures. These will give the illusion that your roof is much higher than it is.

Globe fixtures, as well as ambient lighting, are also great options to make your kitchen appear upscale. You should also consider installing a dimmer. Dimmer light creates a more luxurious atmosphere in there.

  1. Disguise your appliances

Stainless steel appliances are a common feature in high-end kitchens. If your budget is limited, you can achieve the same look by painting your devices with paint-on stainless-steel finishes or applying a stainless-steel cover on them.

You should also consider incorporating neutral for your appliances, backsplash, and other parts of your kitchen.

Achieving an upscale look is possible even when working on a budget. You simply need to pay attention to the details.

Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

Many challenges come with small bathroom. These range from fitting enough storage into the room without compromising functionality to making the room feel less cramped.

Knocking down walls to create a larger bathroom is not only expensive but may not be an option for you. You’ll have to find a way to work with the space you have to create your dream bathroom. The following design tips will help you do exactly that.

  1. Go for a shower curtain

For a small bathroom, go for a shower curtain instead of a glass door. Shower curtains will help you save space. Their footprint is low, and they can be moved out of the way when not in use. They will also help you create an illusion of space when you draw them back.

Go with a shower curtain with a light color such as white. Geometric prints are best for keeping clean lines in a small space.

  1. Use light colors

It will help to make your small bathroom feel brighter and more extensive. White and other shades of white are a great choice. Blue and green are also great options for small bathrooms. Neutral colors will also help to create an open and calm space.

  1. Lift furniture off the floor

It may include using a floating vanity, a vanity with legs that lift it off the ground or even installing a claw foot bathtub. Lifting furniture off the floor will help to create an illusion of space. Keep this in mind when you’re searching for ‘Buy bathroom vanity near me.’ Go for styles that leave some space between the vanity and the floor.

  1. Maintain clean lines

Go for minimal decorations and patterns when choosing furniture for your bathroom. Too many embellishments will make the room look smaller. Stick to simple geometric patterns and straight lines. Fabuwood cabinet doors, for example, offer clean lines in their designs. You can buy these cabinet doors Fabuwood cabinets dealers and have them finished to suit your bathroom’s style.

  1. Install open shelving

Open shelves will provide even more space for storage of towels, toilet paper, and other essentials without making the bathroom seem cramped. You can use the shelves as an opportunity to display items such as bath salts and lotions in attractive containers.

Apply the simple tips above to create a bathroom that feels spacious despite the limited space.

Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

Does your kitchen make you feel stressed? Dark, cramped spaces tend to have this effect on people. If your kitchen is small, you may be struggling to find ways to make it feel more spacious and inviting. Below are some design tricks to help you make your space seem light and bright without knocking down any walls.

  1. Use luminous and vivid colors

Light colors are your best friend when trying to make a small kitchen feel huge. Light colors reflect more light. It enhances the sense of space and makes the walls recede even further into the background. It helps to open up space.

Invest in white kitchen cabinets and light-colored countertops. You should not be afraid to combine these with other colors to avoid having a sterile space. Green, blue and pale yellow, for example, will help to create a sense of tranquility in the area and enhance the feeling of space.

  1. Use clean lines

Try to maintain clean lines as much as possible in your design. Stick to geometric patterns for your cabinet doors, for example. Ornate cabinetry and other fussy details can chop up a small space. Sticking to straight lines and simple geometry can help to create a smooth and clean look that gives a roomier feel.

Buy Fabuwood cabinets online for elegant and clean cabinetry. Use tiles that have simple and geometric patterns. If you do want to incorporate some designs, don’t overdo it.

  1. Add some see-through elements

Keeping the sightlines open in the kitchen is also a great way to open it up and create the illusion of space. It means removing as much obstruction as possible from the line of sight. You can do this by using a floating island, glass doors on some of your cabinets, installing open shelves, or using bright furniture such as plastic chairs.

  1. Using more reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces act like mirrors in a small space. They reflect light and give the illusion that there is more space in the room. You can choose to install mirrors in the kitchen or go for reflective surfaces. Some examples of reflective surfaces include glass tiles, high-gloss paints, shiny floors, and stainless-steel appliances.

Some areas to apply these surfaces include behind cabinets or open shelves, as a backsplash or on empty walls.

These are just a few ideas to help you create the feel of a larger kitchen when you have limited space. Your small kitchen can be your dream kitchen if you know how to maximize the space available to you.

Plywood Vs Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets: How to Choose

We face many decisions in any home renovation – not least of all is the kitchen. Aside from the tricky aesthetics such as countertops and backsplash, wall color, and front finish of the cabinets, there are all of the structural issues as well. Countertops and cabinets are great examples of where function and form need to be balanced just perfectly – we want them to last years to come, but we don’t want to sacrifice a beautiful kitchen for a durable one.

What’s behind the beautiful wood finish?

Behind the beautiful wood finish of the cabinets, or in many cases, the painted or glass doors, you have the cabinet box that holds it all together. This is behind the doors and under the counters, it makes up the back, top, sides, bottom, and even the shelves.

The main two options we typically see are plywood and particle board. How do you know which will work better in your home? If you are unfamiliar with the difference between these two, that is because they are actually quite similar in a way.

Each one relies on glue adhesive to gain their supreme durability. Glue is used in plywood to adhere several layers of wood veneer together with alternating grain to add stability, whereas particle board uses glue to connect smaller wood fibers together into sort of a pressed board, often with a mold used. Each type of wood has its own benefits and should be considered individually for your particular set of needs.

Plywood has long been thought to be a vastly superior construction material, particularly with cabinets. This honor was not given to plywood lightly by any means. It gets its durability from its layers, particularly with the grain being altered, which means that if each layer were to break it would do so in a different direction. Therefore, each layer resists breakage due to the opposing forces on either side of it.

Plywood is also advantageous in holding mechanical fasteners efficiently, meaning that a screw will stay in place very well within the plywood’s layers. Compressive strength is another advantage of plywood, meaning that it has a high weight-bearing ability, despite the fact that it is light in weight compared to particle board. Last, its tensile and shearing properties are superior, making it efficient in resisting pulling motions and side-to-side forces.

While it may seem as though plywood is quickly pulling ahead here, consider the advantages of particle board. It has dimensional stability that far outweighs that of plywood, due to its smaller pieces adhered together. This means that warping is minimized, even with fluctuations in temperature or other environmental factors.

Particle board has one extremely significant advantage, which is that it costs much less than plywood – or most materials for that matter. In fact, a homeowner can save approximately 8-12% on their cabinets when the boxes are made from particle board. This may or may not be outweighed by their lack of moisture resistance, which can also be addressed with a sealant.


Other types of material to consider include MDF and HDF material. You may wonder what is the difference between particle board, MDF and HDF?

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. This is a wood composite made up of wood fibers. There is no visible wood grain, rings, or knots. Advantages are that it’s low cost, smooth, east to pain, and actually stronger than particle board. However, you can’t stain it and it can be quite heavy.

HDF which stands from high-density fiberboard. HDF is far denser than particle board or MDF, the density allows for minimal hairline cracking which occurs more on less dense materials. HDF fiberboard is a great choice solid painted finish. This and with the lesser dense but still heavy MDF board, make great choices for a solid painted finish for cabinet doors.

The truth is, these different types of boards can both vary in their individual quality, from one to the next. Keeping these advantages and disadvantages of each one in mind, along with your home’s needs and your budgets, it may be best to ask a professional at Cabinet Era to help steer you in the right direction. After all, the experience that comes from building and installing cabinets for years is a great tool to share with you, in order to help you with your dream kitchen.

Painted Vs Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Vs Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a good way to increase the value of your home and make the room look better. A newly redesigned kitchen can be more efficient with the cabinet placement more to your liking. The choice between painting and staining depends on the effect you want when the kitchen is completed.

The Effects of Painting

Paint will hide flaws in the cabinets that are the characteristics of the wood. Different grain patterns and knots will be covered with quality paint. This leaves a finish that is smooth and will blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

There are a lot more color choices if you decide to go with paint. Most stains will just accent the wood with different shades, from a dark, medium, or lighter color. Paint is thicker and sticks to the wood instead of blending in as a stain does.

Paint costs more than stain and is harder to match the color if it becomes chipped or damaged. Unless you paint the cabinets yourself and have leftover paint, touch-ups will be more easily noticed. If you want your cabinets to look flawless with colors that you can’t get with stains, painting is the way to go.

Staining is for Wood Lovers

Wood has a natural beauty that shouldn’t be covered with paint. The stain will soak into the cabinets and accent the features that paint will cover up. If you have natural wood floors, stained cabinets will blend in better with the flooring.

If a stained cabinet becomes chipped or damaged, it is easier to touch-up than paint. Since each piece of wood takes stain a little different, blending a touch-up will not be noticed as easily. Staining usually cost less than painting, saving you close to 15 percent.

The Double Effect

By mixing stained and painted cabinets, you will be able to blend them in together for a 2 tone effect. Painting the outer cabinets while leaving the center one stained will result in a unique look that will give you the best of both worlds.

Designing a new kitchen cabinet layout can be helpful with a professional opinion. They will help with cabinet placement and give you ideas on painting and staining. With a choice of many different cabinet designs to choose from, an expert’s opinion can solve a lot of problems by helping you visualize the kitchen, and using chosen cabinet faces in the design. 

Humidity is also a big enemy to the durability of your cabinets. If it is too low, the cabinets will dry out and possibly constrict and crack. With the humidity too high, it’s possible the wood will warp, swell, and split. Controlling the humidity in the kitchen will lead to a lot longer cabinet life. For more information on how you can get the best cabinets for your home, contact Cabinet Era today!