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Your Guide To An Industrial-Kitchen Style

In case you’re wondering how to set up an industrial kitchen that suits your style, or you simply desire to know more about the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of having the experience of an industrial kitchen, then this article is for you. Here, you will find some pretty valuable guides and better clarity to help you make your amazing industrial kitchen style imaginations a reality.

Enjoying the ‘look’, ‘feel’, and ‘cooking’ is not all that there is in an industrial kitchen. It is more of having quality time with your family, friends, loved ones, and guests, while the cooking is on.

Industrial-Style Kitchens at a Glance

Most of the appliances you’ll find in this kitchen style are restaurant-based items, raw materials, and various cabinetry styles. Think of having a kitchen with exposed bricks, raw materials, concrete walls, and stainless steel to help give a more expansive look. Some filament light bulbs, touches of gray colors, use of wood, and some spaces where you can also add finishings. Interestingly, this kitchen style is pretty easy to maintain.

Setting up an Industrial-Kitchen Style

Check out these 5 steps to creating an industrial style kitchen in your home today:

1. Keep things open and sleek

Taking inspiration from the bareness and spaciousness of industrial warehouses, you can keep things open and airy. This approach is ideal for large kitchens with high ceilings. However, you can also use them in smaller kitchens. Reflective surfaces can also be used to create the impression of a room being larger than it originally is. Therefore, stainless-steel appliances are great for opening up your kitchen space. Additionally, you can use an induction hob to give your kitchen a cool minimalist feel that matches well with current trends.

2. Try grey color

Understand that the look of your industrial kitchen depends much on the color, so you might want to opt for raw, industrial colors like copper, grey, and black. If your kitchen is small, you might want to keep darker colors to a minimum. Dark colors can make the kitchen space seem more enclosed. As for appliances, try stainless steel and chrome, because they fit best.

3. Keep things exposed

Since industrial décors are so unique due to their simplicity, another strategy to explore is exposing the brickwork in the space. This has a way of adding a modern, urban feel to any room. In fact, it works well as a feature wall in your kitchen or dining space. In case you do not have any brickwork to expose, you can get brick wall wallpapers; they can give you the same feel.

To make this style a bit more punchy, you can take out cupboard doors, which allows you to create open shelving, where you can display pans in racks hanging from the wall, or over your kitchen island. In addition, you can also try exposed lighting. They are just perfect for the look. Light bulbs and long hanging wires, for instance, can make a stylish alternative to more decorative fittings, but be sure to have every exposed wire adequately checked by an electrician before using the kitchen.

4. Keep things simple

You can add raw materials and simple things like wood and stone to add to the bare look of the industrial-style kitchen. We understand that these materials have become quite the trend with interior decorators since 2019. A good idea is to try stone or concrete worktops, tiles, and floorings. In addition to this, you can consider using other raw materials,  such as wood, to add in an organic ambiance.

5. Reuse and recycle

When looking to create an industrial-style kitchen, using recycled furniture can help you bring your imagination to life. This means that an old metal barstool or wooden table will fit well in your industrial kitchen. You can transform a piece like a wooden workbench, for instance, into a dining table. You`ll be surprised to realize how unique and stylish this will look.

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Your Guide To 10 Popular Kitchen Styles

With all the activities that go on in the kitchen, it can easily be called the most used room in the house and for this reason you would want it to be a space you enjoy spending your time. Apart from the conventional appliances that grace your kitchen interior, selecting a style or design you would appreciate in the future is significant.

Whether you are a professional chef or the regular omelet maker, kitchen style descriptions can focus on a variety of features such as layout, themes, aesthetics and other monumental features.

In this article, we list some specific designs that are popular and chic together with a few guidelines to help you achieve them.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, having an idea of which style may suit your personality can be a major help.

1. Transitional Kitchen Style

The unique feature of this style is that it affords you the opportunity to merge traditional and modern looks without creating any noticeable contrast. The design, color and feel also mixes with each other inspiringly to improve your personal style.

If you intend to refurbish your culinary room and find it challenging to decide between a predominantly masculine or feminine essence, or you simply want something creative and functional, this kitchen design is for you.

Transitional kitchens embolden creativity, but one thing to keep in mind when selecting this style is that not all elements have the ability to complement each other. Because of this, seeking professional advice can go a long way in making knowledgeable choices.

2. Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional kitchens are known to be highly stylish and tastefully designed kitchens that have truly withstood the passage of time. These kitchens were utilitarian in a time when class and caliber were important priorities. The style was preferred due to the warmth, homeliness and inspiration it provided for its users.

If sophistication and grace are in your books, traditional kitchen styles might just be the one for you.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Farmhouse interior colors include neutral, off-white, white, grey, and other light tones. This style is simple, homely and offers a personality infused look. This kitchen style focuses on using natural materials for aesthetics. There is usually ample space to cook large meals. Farmhouse is a versatile style that works well with industrial and traditional style, though there is not much room for elaborate design.

4. Industrial Kitchen Style

This unique style of decor uses textured materials to create a classy but rugged feel. Large windows, exposed brick, piping, unfinished woods, metals and stainless steel are all characteristics of an industrial styled kitchen. Floating cabinets and shelves give the illusion of space, while brick walls and stainless steel can take your design to a whole new level. Without the right accessories, achieving this style is almost impossible.

5. Modern Kitchen Style

It is majorly characterized by bold and bright colors, wooden fixtures, in-built appliances and sleek designs. Modern kitchen designs give enough room to infuse personal style. The layout is usually very simple and functional, reduces clutter, and provides homeowners with enough space to work efficiently.

6. Beach Kitchen Style

Beach kitchen has a cheerful, bright, and fresh feel. They are designed with the sea, sand, and sky in mind, and that’s why they feature plenty of bright colors and glass furnishing. This style is perfect if you want to create a welcoming and relaxing space for cooking and entertaining your guests.

7. Smart Kitchen Style

Designing this type of kitchen needs professional planning and execution. An experienced professional can help here. Technology is transforming our kitchens and making appliances smarter, faster and more efficient. Ultimately, this makes the quality of life better. From having apps that can control light bulbs to smart refrigerators, these high-end appliances are worth every penny. Building a smart kitchen definitely eases inconveniences and makes things easier.

8. Mediterranean Kitchen Style

Earth tones are used to create warmth. This style leans towards the use of natural materials like wood, bricks and stones. Hardwood floors are common, majorly in lighter shades to give a light, bright, and welcoming feel. Stone details, carved tabletops, door knobs, raw iron on windows, and front doors are also common features in this style.

9. Rustic Kitchen Style

This is a French country style kitchen. If you want a kitchen that combines simplicity and old fashioned charms, the rustic kitchen style might be just what you need. This kitchen style makes use of untreated wood, deep and natural colors, stone-inspired worktops and mosaic tiles.

Open shelving with a display of your pots and pans on a hanging rack would look great. You could also add a modern twist to your rustic design by using modern furniture and industrial lighting.

10. Craftsman Kitchen Style

This style is heavily defined by the woodwork, natural light, natural materials, and natural colors. IT is not flamboyant, but it balances comfort and style. The accessories are very simple and traditional. Customization and personalization of style are very common with the craftsman kitchen style.

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