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How To Get A Timeless Kitchen

Most homeowners go for a timeless kitchen design these days. This is a reasonable choice when you consider the fact that it is not cost-effective to go for a kitchen design that will not stand the test of time. How does one achieve this, you may ask. Do not fret. In this piece, we’ll tell you all you need to know about getting a timeless kitchen design.

  • Don’t go with Trends: when remodeling your kitchen, you’ll come across a lot of trendy kitchen design ideas that might look aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s important to ask yourself if these kitchen designs will be relevant in a decade or more. If they won’t, then it’s best avoid them. These trendy designs defeat the end purpose of a timeless kitchen design.

  • Quality materials: high-quality materials can be quite expensive. However, they often last for decades if properly maintained. If you decide to go for low-quality materials simply because they are cheaper, you might end up having to replace these materials a few years down the line. So, while high-quality materials are more expensive, they are more cost-effective.

  • Neutral Colors: when going for a timeless kitchen, you want to go for colors that will not go out of fashion. That is what makes neutral colors ideal for a timeless kitchen design. If you must use a color that is not neutral they must be used for temporary accessories so that they can be easily changed when they go out of style. For more permanent fixtures such as cabinets, it would be best to use neutral colors like white, cream, navy blue, or black.

  • Share-Style Cabinets: this cabinet style has been around for many decades. This makes it a safe bet if you are going for a timeless kitchen design. What’s more, it is a cabinet style that gives your kitchen an elegant look.

  • Simplicity: if you are going for a timeless kitchen design, try as much as possible to keep everything simple. While a complex design might be aesthetically pleasing, it could become too difficult to maintain and interfere with the functionality of your kitchen in the long run.

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How To Create a Practical Space In a Small Kitchen

Sometimes, space can be a difficult thing to get in a kitchen. This is a problem that a good number of homeowners are likely to face regardless of how old or new the kitchen is. When you consider the fact that space has a huge impact on the quality of your experience in the kitchen, it becomes necessary for you to maximize the space in your kitchen so that it’s perfect for you. How do you do this?

In this article, we’ll be going through some key points on how to design a functional kitchen even with little space.

  • Natural Illumination: you’d be surprised by how much natural lighting can improve your kitchen space. Light makes your kitchen brighter and exposes hidden spaces that you would ordinarily ignore if your kitchen was darker. What are you waiting for? Remove anything that could obstruct light from entering your kitchen, so you can begin to enjoy all the benefits of natural illumination in your kitchen.

  • Declutter: if you’re trying to create a practical kitchen from a small space, this is one of the most important pieces of advice you’ll get. Nothing steals space from your kitchen more than clutter. Take a look around your kitchen, if there’s anything that has no business being on the floor or countertop, take it out. Do not hesitate.

  • Less for More: the fewer cabinets you have in your kitchen, the more space you’ll have. Upper cabinets can make your kitchen look too small and they can make it difficult to utilize the space on your countertops. Rather than make your kitchen clustered with upper cabinets, why not let them go?


  • Glass: for more space in your kitchen, it would be a good idea to use glass doors on your vanity and cabinet. Fortunately, glass is so versatile that you can get a whole lot of vanity ideas with glass doors. Glass makes your space look bigger. It also allows your kitchen to be easily illuminated.

  • Colors: if you’re interested in making your kitchen look bigger, you do not need dark colors. What you need are light colors. While light colors can make your kitchen look brighter, spacious, and airy, dark colors tend to make your kitchen appear crowded.

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