Budget-Friendly Basement Remodeling Tips in Woodlawn, MD

Budget-Friendly Basement Remodeling Tips in Woodlawn, MD

Starting a basement remodeling project in Woodlawn MD would be a logical choice to transform part of your home into a more pleasant space. Here you can find the right tips for budget-friendly basement remodeling in Woodlawn MD, save your budget, and stay satisfied with your project. You can create a great space with a basement renovation budget. Basements are generally unused areas. But you can make your basement a special place where you can enjoy it. In this blog, we share with you the top steps for a budget-friendly basement renovation and the best basement remodeling services in Woodlawn MD. With these remodeling ideas, you’ll be able to get the basement of your dreams.

First Make a Needs List

List all your priorities. You can budget for the things you care about most, then budget for the things you might notice less. This would be a great strategy for basement remodeling that many people overlook during the planning process. Carefully calculate another basement you like and how you can make yours similar.

Take Time to Shop for Materials

The more time you spend shopping for supplies, the more likely you will be able to buy something at a discount. Products go on sale from time to time, and if you’re patient, you can buy what you need at a much more affordable price. This strategy aims to increase the prices of some construction materials rapidly with inflation. You can get better deals if you are patient, especially for products such as furniture and household appliances. You may not be completely picky about what to buy, but we’re sure you’ll find products that fit your budget for basement remodeling.

Also, Look at Second-Hand Products in Your Shopping

You can find great items second-hand, even leftover building materials. There are many ways to find such things. All it takes is a little perseverance to find everything you need for basement remodeling in Woodlawn, MD. If you do not have the budget to pay for new kitchen cabinets, you can always choose used ones. Search online forums for used items sold by individuals in your area.

Focus on Your Lighting for Basement Renovation

Generally, everyone agrees that lighting is a critical part of any renovation. One of the best basement remodeling ideas you can easily achieve is lighting. Lighting, which gives you the feeling of a comfortable, livable space, is not the most expensive part of a basement renovation. If you want to work with an expert lighting designer who can ensure that your basement is well-lit, get help from the lighting business in your area. To make your basement feel like part of the house, we recommend working on the three main types of lighting. The three types of lighting you need to focus on are;

1- Ambient Lighting

This species is the main light source, generally in the form of overhead lamps. Lights will look great in basements.

2- Task lighting

  This type of lighting will help you do something in a specific area of your basement. This could be the lighting for your hobby table where you love to craft.

3- Accent lighting

Many people may overlook accent lighting that accentuates a particular feature in the room. To make your basement feel more open or spacious, you should choose accent lighting.

Try to Get Extra Daylight in Your Basement

You already know this. But basements can be uncomfortable because they lack daylight. We’re sure it would feel awkward to stay in a cave-like space for a long time. There are many ways to get extra daylight in your basement. It would be a wise choice to spend an extra portion of your budget to achieve this. Here are some ways to get more daylight in your basement:

  • Digging windows into the foundation of the house. This can be big business. However, some building codes require emergency exits to be created.
  • Solar tubes will bring sunlight even from the first floor of your home. Many people don’t even realize that solar tubes are a powerful tool for bringing the daylight into basements.
  • If you have a garage in your basement, it may be a good idea to add windows to the garage door, or even install french doors with glass panels.

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4 Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Catonsville, MD

4 Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Catonsville, MD

Excited to remodel your bathroom in Catonsville, MD? This will be an exciting endeavor! When planning a bathroom remodel, you must first strike a balance between providing comfort and reflecting on your style. Careful planning is essential for the successful and satisfying bathroom remodeling. We’ve put together some basic tips to help you get started with your bathroom remodeling project.

Set a plan and budget

Before having a bathroom renovation, it would be beneficial to have a meeting with your family. You can discuss with your family members which fixtures and finishes you want to choose and how much budget you would like to spend. We recommend that you research the modeling costs, design budget, materials, and workmanship in detail. In this way, you will have a realistic budget adjustment. Here are some questions to help you estimate the cost of redesigning your bathroom:

1- How much did you budget?

You should always consider your alternatives for payment terms. Like cash or financing. We do not doubt that keeping your budget realistic will make your home an investment rather than a financial burden.

2- Do you plan to sell your house in the future?

If you are planning to put your home on the market, you will need to consider which bathroom features can help increase the resale value of your home. You should explore the various design styles that your potential buyers will like and love. Bathroom remodeling in Catonsville MD will undoubtedly offer you a significant return on investment.

3- What are the important designs you want to add to your bathroom?

You should consider everyone when designing your bathroom space. You can integrate design elements according to your wishes and lifestyle. Furthermore, you can make a budget planning by determining which of these designs is more important to you.

When planning a budget, it will be advantageous for you to stick to your plans without going out of your budget. We recommend that you set aside 20% of your emergency budget in case some unexpected expenses occur during your project. If you’re having trouble getting everything set up for your bathroom, you should seek professional advice.

You must determine your bathroom design

A standard bathroom includes a toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink. If you’re remodeling a guest bathroom in Catonsville, MD, or planning in a limited space, a sink and toilet with a small shower will suffice. What kind of bathroom will you be planning for? A full bathroom or master bathroom? Are you planning to start from scratch or plan something new for your existing bathroom? Being able to answer these questions will give you a better idea of what you want.

Decide on your toiletries

Redesigning your bathroom will take a lot of detailed planning and thought. You can have unique ideas for your designs. But these require certain materials and textures. You should purchase products and materials that will truly meet the needs of your remodel. Choosing the right materials is critical when it comes to many things such as countertops, bathtubs, lighting, bathroom cabinets, tile flooring, vanity tables, and bathroom fixtures. If you want to see which ones work for you and which ones don’t, you can follow the latest trends in bathroom remodeling.

You must choose the right lighting materials

One of the most important bathroom renovation ideas will be to choose the right lighting for your bathroom. You will need to decide whether you prefer natural or artificial lighting. Adequate and elegant bathroom lighting will affect how you look in the mirror and will help modernize your bathroom look.

You should carefully place windows on your walls for natural lighting. We do not doubt that adding many windows and skylights will make your bathroom feel brighter and airier. You can add blinds or privacy curtains to gain the privacy you need in the bathroom. Mirrors will also help to make the space feel larger by reflecting the natural light from the windows. For artificial lighting, LED recessed lights with wall sconces next to or above the mirror would be a great idea. LED lights can be in various colors. At the same time, these lights provide energy savings that can last for a long time.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas in Catonsville, MD

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas in Catonsville, MD

Farmhouse kitchen design ideas in Catonsville MD have recently gained great popularity with their timeless and natural appeal. Whether your kitchen is small or huge, farmhouse design will play a role in achieving your dreams. You can contact us for the right remodelers to help you with kitchen design in Catonsville MD.

You may need several considerations to bring out the charm of a farmhouse kitchen. It’s time to act for cabinets, chairs, and tables that reveal the beauty of your kitchen as part of a great kitchen remodeling idea! In this article, CABINET ERA; Farmhouse kitchen design ideas in Catonsville MD are here with amazing farmhouse kitchen remodeling ideas that will inspire you to personalize your kitchen!

Use Vintage Pieces

Filling it with vintage pieces can be fun if you want a rustic look in your farmhouse kitchen. Here you don’t need to buy new furniture, instead, it allows you to reuse your old items. For example; You can paint old agricultural funnels for your lighting.

Don’t Forget To Add Pottery

You can add some pottery when remodeling a farmhouse kitchen. Pottery will help to emphasize the visual aesthetics of your kitchen. These rockeries are best displayed on open shelves. Additionally, incorporating some woven baskets will undoubtedly complete the look of your farmhouse kitchen.

Use Wooden Ladders

A wooden staircase will be a great choice if you want to make the most of your upper cabinets or open shelves. Wooden stairs will help you maximize storage while giving your kitchen a rustic feel. It will also provide a safer environment for you to reach high places using stairs.

Prefer Scandinavian Design

You can combine a Scandinavian look with a rustic design and add a custom farmhouse-like kitchen island! You can also use other vintage-looking items, such as wooden pots and rustic pendant lamps. All these aspects will create a unique match with your neutral flooring and dark stone countertop.

Choose a Matte Black Finish

Opting for a matte black finish for your cabinets and chairs would be very appropriate for a farmhouse kitchen remodel. You can have black kitchen cabinets and bronze or copper-plated handles. If you haven’t thought about a farmhouse kitchen design yet, we have modern kitchen cabinet ideas. The white marble countertop and black base cabinet will give it a perfect look.

Choose a Wooden Kitchen Island

If you want to bring your dream farmhouse to life now, adding a lively wooden kitchen island will be a unique choice! Additionally, you can have hanging pendant lamps. Large round bulbs would be a suitable option.

Hanging Shelf in the Sink

When remodeling a farmhouse, you can add a light-colored curtain to the windows next to your sink to refresh your sink, and tidy up your items with hanging shelves. Adding a hanging rack for your pots is ideal for a farmhouse. While adding a rustic feel, hanging shelves also save space. You should make sure to secure the installation of your hanging rack to prevent the pots from falling over. You can add many aspects such as wooden cabinets to achieve this.

Remodeling your farmhouse will be an exciting and challenging project. But we know it’s worth it. We can make you feel at home with farmhouse kitchen design ideas in Catonsville, MD. You can contact us.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets will be your best kitchen cabinet style for your dream farmhouse kitchen remodel. Redesigning your farmhouse will be a great success. Shaker cabinet style can be styled with stone countertops and butcher blocks. Whatever your countertop color, it will fit in. If you want a special Shaker cabinet, we can help you in the best way. It would be best to have a custom cabinet to match the layout of your kitchen.

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The Most Impressive Kitchen Remodels in Towson, MD

The Most Impressive Kitchen Remodels in Towson, MD

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project, you should seek out the most impressive kitchen remodeling companies in Towson MD in your area. Probably all companies will excite you. Redesigning a kitchen will be an opportunity to explore your creativity and create a functional and modern space.

At Towson, MD, we help you get every detail right with your attention to detail by providing some inspiring ideas for kitchen remodeling. To help you get your project started right, our kitchen remodeling experts in Towson, MD will explain everything you need to know about redesigning a kitchen.

Countertops can make a difference in a kitchen

We want to choose the right countertop colors and materials for kitchen renovations. We offer many alternatives for countertops that offer an impressive appearance in a kitchen renovation project. Of course, some decisions need to be made here. Here at Towson, MD, we have listed the best alternatives for kitchen countertops:

1- Quartz

2- Granite

3- Marble

Prefer modern kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are of great importance in the kitchen. That’s why you want to choose the best for your kitchen. The first choice you have to make here is to choose modern cabinets such as flat panels or textured cabinets such as Shaker. In both alternatives, you can create a different atmosphere that can shape the purpose of your kitchen renovation project. You must choose carefully and carefully.

Find the Best Color Choices for Your Kitchen Remodel

Many beautiful colors help you achieve your goals in a kitchen remodeling project. Some of the top kitchen remodelers have made color choices that you would never expect to look gorgeous. White can be the best color alternative in the kitchen. But there are other alternatives you can choose from.

  • Blue cabinet
  • Pink backsplash
  • Green walls

 You need to consider all the alternatives to get a great mix in your kitchen. In addition, natural light and artificial light in the kitchen are also critical in terms of how the colors will look day and night.

Consider Windows in Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to have a unique view of the outside world from your kitchen, you can consider adding a window. If you have access to an exterior wall, you may want to consider adding or extending windows. With plenty of natural light in your kitchen, you’ll be comfortable being there even on a beautiful sunny day or when it’s raining.

Window sills will also help you create a unique shelf to decorate your kitchen and add even more personality to the space. You can pay attention to the window detail for a kitchen remodel project in Towson, MD.

You can make your kitchen faucet a centerpiece.

Of all the kitchen remodeling ideas you’ve seen, making the sink faucet the centerpiece is one of the most striking. You can choose a classic finish such as gold brass or a trendy color such as matte black. Don’t you want to visually focus on the sink in your kitchen and bring that seaside feeling to your kitchen that you might want to go to? Then you should base the other colors you prefer in your kitchen on your kitchen sink faucet.

You Can Consider Complex Tile Floors in a Galley Kitchen Remodel

The floor in the middle of the counter can look gorgeous in a kitchen with some interesting designs. The kitchen with a modern-looking tiled floor that connects the two sides of the space will make you feel pleased. There are many alternatives for kitchen tiles. However, finding the one that suits your design aesthetic is critical. Another alternative for your kitchen tile floors would be a mosaic tile that can be made in many different patterns. We would like to point out that with more minimal tiles, you have the freedom to create designs that will truly amaze your guests.

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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Rockville, MD

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Rockville, MD

If you are looking for kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD, CABINET ERA is the right address. We realize that safety is now your top priority when you have children. Many homeowners today are looking for remodeling ideas to turn their bathroom showers into kid-friendly spaces. You can be sure that we offer kid-friendly ideas for your bathroom remodel. So let’s focus on the spots we’ve selected for kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD.

Creating Child-friendly Storage Space

Kids make a lot of mess. Therefore, it would be right to increase your storage capacity to keep your bathroom clean and safe. One of the advantages of having a bathroom remodel is that it gives you the ability to remove clutter and add more storage space. Because of this, you can add more cabinets and drawers or any built-in cabinets. If you have a limited budget, you can add open shelves for free space on your walls. Adding open shelves to your shower is among the best bathroom cabinet ideas, as it creates a compartment for your kids’ shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom accessories. Thus, it makes your bathroom shower more functional and spacious, and you will not have to worry about any spillage.

As you begin your project as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD, you should not forget to add storage for your cleaning supplies and place them unreachable. Because cleaning products and other materials can be dangerous for children. Therefore, you should always make sure that this locker is locked.

Adding Security Features

Another kid-friendly bathroom remodels idea in Rockville MD is to add safety accessories like shower seats, tub covers, and grab bars. Because the bathroom is always slippery, you may need to put grab bars on your kids. While on the move, your child will step safely by holding these safety bars. Another safety accessory is the shower seat, it can provide safety in the bathroom by reducing the chance of falling. Additionally, you may also need a tub door. Finally, you can add a step stool next to your make-up table. In this way, you can provide a safe environment for your child to go to the stool to brush their teeth or wash their face.

Preferring a Non-Slip Floor Tile

Slip accidents are very common among the elderly and children, as soap and water will remain on the floor in the shower and after the shower. To prevent this situation, we recommend that you lay non-slip floor tiles.

Preferring Easy-Maintenance Bathroom Fixtures

Rockville, MD has a variety of materials you can choose for your bathroom fixtures as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas. We would like to point out that the products with a matte surface or made of acrylic are the easiest to clean. Opting for a matte finish will keep the stains behind. Acrylic bathroom fixtures, on the other hand, are effortless to clean as they are naturally non-porous. Stains and moisture do not pass through acrylic luminaires. You can choose special acrylic fixtures suitable for the size of your bathroom.

Bigger Sink Preference for Kids

When redesigning a bathroom, you should have a larger sink for your kids’ bathroom. Your kids will pour more water and spend time on your vanity counter. If you have a wider sink, more will be caught and less water will spill onto the floor. This also prevents your floor from getting slippery. We can help you choose and install the right style and size sink and faucet for your children.

Installing a Shower Curtain

It is necessary to choose a durable shower curtain. This is because your children can’t destroy them right away. At the same time, choose those with a non-porous, silky texture.

Smart Storage

If you are having trouble with space in your bathroom, you can choose hangers and shelves. Prefer hooks to towel hangers. It will be easier for children to remove towels and hang them on hooks. Open shelves are also ideal for small bathrooms. You can have open shelves if you want to make your child’s bathroom more spacious and airy.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Beveled or matte edges are essential for your kids’ bathroom as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD. This will prevent cuts on your children’s skin. They are not harmed if they accidentally bump their elbows or knees into countertops or tub surrounds.

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Latest Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022 at Bethesda, MD

Latest Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022 in Bethesda, MD

If you are thinking of doing a kitchen remodel in Bethesda MD and are looking for the latest kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022 in Bethesda MD, you can have the most professional ideas here. Knowing about kitchen remodeling ideas in Bethesda MD will help you decide what to include in your project to make your kitchen unique.

At Bethesda, MD, we have many unique kitchen design ideas that can inspire you to create a beautiful kitchen of your own. Among the many kitchen ideas, you’re sure to find ideas that fit your style and make you feel like having a kitchen remodel is the best decision you’ve ever made.

CABINET ERA; Bethesda, MD will help you with the latest kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022. Here at Bethesda, MD, you will explain in detail everything you need to know about kitchen remodeling ideas, so you can create the kitchen of your dreams and create the perfect plan.

Open Kitchen Concepts

Creating an airy kitchen will create a fun atmosphere for your friends and family in addition to delicious food. Individuals will feel much more comfortable as there will be a lot of open space. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you should create an environment that will make you feel peaceful. Open kitchen concepts will allow you to relax and prepare meals with unique tastes. You can have an airy kitchen by choosing long shapes for kitchen cabinets, having a well-planned lighting system, and choosing light colors for your walls. That way, you can truly fall in love with your new kitchen.

Butcher Block Workbench

A great way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen would be to install a butcher block countertop. The natural wood color of the butcher block will make your kitchen look unique and comfortable. So, you always feel that you have a warm home. Kitchens are an integral part of our lives. The butcher block counter creates a beautiful space for you to create more than just fabulous meals. You can search for kitchen remodeling companies in Bethesda, MD to create comforting memories that last forever.

Kitchen Island Bar

Having a kitchen island as part of your kitchen remodel will give you the storage, workspace, and seating you need. With bar-seated kitchen islands, it would be really helpful to have an area where everyone can sit and feel comfortable and eat delicious food. The kitchen island bar is the perfect space for family or friends to watch you cook and tell you the stories of their lives. This will provide you with a social environment.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

It will support you to create all the storage you need such as custom kitchen cabinets, and stock cabinets to take full advantage of your kitchen. If you’re having trouble organizing your kitchen and finding enough space for all your utensils, we recommend working with a cabinet designer to purchase a cabinet that fits your needs perfectly. In this way, no space will be wasted.

You can have a special wine cabinet. Many other things you can think of to beautify your kitchen and provide you with storage space. Designing special cabinets for your kitchen will be a process that you will never regret in your renovation.

Modern Hoods

Individuals beautify their kitchens with modern hoods that add style and personality to a kitchen. In this case, you should also have a tiled hood. Hoods provide support while cooking as part of your ventilation system. Thus, it supports that your whole house does not smell of food while cooking. You can explore the many options for a hood and choose one that fits your design theme. You need to be very sensitive in your choice of hood. This is because a suitable tone will make your kitchen look more modern. If you are looking for kitchen renovation ideas in Bethesda MD, you can contact us and consult our professional teammates.

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Best Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda MD

Best Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda MD

If you are searching for the best paint color ideas for kitchen remodeling in Bethesda MD, CABINET ERA will offer you the best alternatives in this context. Thinking of a new painting on your kitchen to-do list? Then we have ideas for kitchen renovations in Bethesda MD, which are popular colors in today’s fashion.

Individuals often view the kitchen remodel paint color in Bethesda MD, as a more neutral medium than other rooms where more colorful paint options are standard. However, this is not the case. Whatever the architecture of a kitchen, new paint can make it feel more unique and modern. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel in Bethesda, MD, we’d like to point out that we have an extensive list of the best color choices for remodeling your kitchen.

Most Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

In the last month of 2022, our company has created a list for you of the most popular kitchen paint colors in the past year. Let’s examine!

Deep Shades of Blue

Blue hues; It has design ideas and textures that attract more and more attention from wooden and stone house owners every day. Blue, one of the most relaxing alternatives, harmonizes successfully with such decorations. Because blue is bold and more classic than neutral colors, it’s a great option for Bethesda MD homeowners who want to turn their kitchen colors into interesting colors. Deep shades of blue are trendy these days.

Natural greens

Incorporating plants and other parts of nature in homes, especially kitchens, is one of the recent most popular interior design trends. Since so many products of the natural world are found in the food we prepare, what better place to celebrate than in the kitchen? Natural greens, such as the blue hues we mentioned earlier, complement many wood and stone veneers popular today. Sage has become the most sought-after kitchen remodel paint color with its calming effect.

Sunny Yellow

As a result of its striking nature, yellow is not always popular. Yellow is a happy and inviting color for the kitchen. Usually, most of us start the day in the kitchen. At the same time, the cheerful yellow paint color will be gorgeous to welcome our guests. Yellows that aren’t too intense can be upbeat without being overwhelming.

Vivid Red

Many of us find the color red quite attractive. Red paint color will be a tone that can give a sense of luxury and beauty to your kitchen. You should be careful to choose a vibrant hue that won’t blind you. The most preferred ones are; rose-red, wine-red, and deep red tones. You can create a magnificent environment by adding all-white accessories.

Purple Kitchen Renovation Color Fashion

It is thought that kitchens decorated in purple tones make people hungry. There are many shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac. Choose the one that best suits your style and enjoy the splendor of the noble color. It may seem unusual at first. But when your kitchen is fully prepared, you’ll love it. You can create a striking effect by pairing a dark closet purple with a light-colored wall. Additionally, it will look modern with gray or teal furniture.

Brave Blacks

In the kitchen, black will send a strong message. While you might not want to paint the entire area this color, black will look modern and unique in some kitchen parts. In a neutral space, black cabinets, an accent wall, or black-painted floors will make your kitchen look appealing.


Clean, neutral colors are the most popular for kitchen remodeling in Bethesda MD. Neutral colors will be the ideal backdrop for today’s trendy natural textures. You can combine modernity and uniqueness with neutral colors. We do not doubt that they will make the perfect background! If you have frequent mood swings, neutral colors will be a unique choice for the kitchen.

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9 Most Unique Trends Bathroom Remodeling in Halethorpe MD

9 Most Unique Trends Bathroom Remodeling in Halethorpe MD

Here are some things to consider when remodeling your bathroom if you’re looking for trending bathroom remodeling ideas at Halethorpe MD. Contact us for a bathroom remodel at Halethorpe, MD and witness how we can make a big difference with the beauty and function of your bathroom remodel. As CABINET ERA, we have listed the ideas that we have presented to you below.

Modern Shower Cabin

Installing a shower cabin is very popular today as it is accessible to everyone. It will be easy to shape your shower cabin by starting the renovation from the shower floor, shower heads, counter, and glass.

Hanging Mirror

Make-up mirrors are preferred in every bathroom. However, you can add color to your bathroom by hanging a flashy mirror on the bathroom walls. The mirror you choose should have a unique shape and place it in a different place than your standard make-up mirror. This idea could be an incredible choice for a bathroom remodel in Halethorpe, MD.

Floating Bathroom Bench

It would not be ideal for you to opt for a unique and space-saving floating vanity. The bathroom vanity top is mounted on the wall. You should purchase countertops at Halethorpe, MD, to add to your bathroom renovation. This choice will be an excellent choice for bathroom renovations. At the same time, it will help you to get a fresh look in your bathroom.

Built-in Wall Warehouses

Whether you want to install a storage compartment built into the wall in your main or guest bathroom, Halethorpe, MD, will have a trendy bathroom remodeling idea. We’re seeing it gaining popularity today as it helps to save space without sacrificing the storage capacity inside your bathrooms. At the same time, you can choose a color that can create a contrast that is compatible with your shower wall.

Adding Ornamental Plants

If everything you put in your bathroom vanity consists of synthetic things, you might get bored. In this context, you can include some ornamental plants and wooden items to add uniqueness to your bathroom. Placing your plants near your window gives your modern bathroom more living space. The point you need to pay attention to here is to choose plants that can thrive in a low-light environment.

Matte Finish

It is enjoyable to prefer high-gloss coatings. However, too much can damage our eyes. Glossy surfaces are suitable for small bathrooms. But a matte finish will be a great choice if you have a medium and large bathroom area. Dust and dirt will not be visible on a flat surface simultaneously. The matte finish can also add a modern and contemporary flair to your bathroom renovation.

Creating an Entertainment Environment

We are sure it will be a pleasure to create some entertainment environment such as a small television in your main bathroom. You can drink and watch a movie while relieving the day’s tiredness in the bathtub. You can also use speakers to play your music while taking a bath. Thus, your parent bathroom will turn into a more relaxing atmosphere.

Heated Flooring

Another feature you can install for your steam bath is establishing a floor heating system in your bathroom. Thanks to this trend, you can prevent your feet from getting cold after a shower or bath.


Having a steam bath in your home will be revolutionary. This will be a worthwhile investment as it adds function and comfort to your main bathroom.

Looking for a Bathroom Remodeler in Halethorpe, MD?

CABINET ERA Halethorpe, MD’s most trusted local remodeling company. With years of experience, the bathroom cabinet you need for bathroom and kitchen renovation will best meet your makeup cabinet requirements. If you also want to renovate your bathroom and want to get service from a professional company, you can contact us and benefit from our perfect service.

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Montgomery VA

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Montgomery VA

If you want to know about kitchen renovation costs in Montgomery VA, CABINET ERA will be your address. Kitchen remodeling is among the priorities of many homeowners. At the same time, kitchen renovation prices are one of the first steps in starting a project. Whether you want to revitalize your kitchen or change your layout, researching kitchen remodeling costs in Montgomery, VA, will be essential.

The cost of kitchen remodeling in Montgomery, VA, will vary depending on the many criteria and alternatives you can do about your project. To avoid getting an overall cost average for kitchen remodeling, you can research kitchen remodeling costs in your area. After reading this content, you will know about the costs involved in a kitchen remodel, and you will make sure you are spending less on local kitchen remodelers.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertop prices will vary considerably depending on the material used. According to kitchen remodelers in Montgomery, VA, countertops generally account for about 10% of the total budget. While natural stone countertops such as marble or granite can be the most costly renovation, laminate countertops will be the most affordable option. The cost of marble counters may increase if you have a complex kitchen layout.


You may need to allocate 7% of your budget to redesign your kitchen. The type of flooring will vary in pricing. Tile can be an excellent kitchen flooring alternative. However, it is more costly than other flooring types and complicated to install. This may increase pricing. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning your flooring. Sign up with a few professional house cleaners in Montgomery, VA.


The ventilation issue will cost about 14% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. Some houses do not even have ventilation in the kitchen. In these cases, a new system must be put into use. Your preferred appliances will significantly impact pricing, especially if you consider upping the gas rate. Laying gas lines in your home will be pretty costly. Therefore, you should carefully decide what you want.

Doors and Windows

Usually, doors and windows for kitchen remodeling cost 4% of your cost. If you are considering enlarging your windows or adding new windows and doors, this will play a role in your expenses. Having new windows with better insulation will help you save on energy costs. Therefore, allocating more costs for windows can help you save money in the long run.


You may encounter high costs when you want to relocate your plumbing, sink, drain, or other pipes, which corresponds to 4% of your budget. If you leave your sink where it is, you can save money on kitchen renovations.


Cabinets are one of the most expensive renovations of kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends. Therefore, it will correspond to 29% of the total budget. The reason for this is that the cabinets provide lifetime use. Good and latest kitchen cabinet ideas are fundamental to your kitchen’s function. Therefore, you should choose the right ones for your needs. You will use your cabinets every day. Consequently, it would be logical to allocate more budget to the cabinets.


Painting accounts for about 5% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. Make sure you use quality paint for painting, which is one of the best ways to renew your kitchen. Choosing quality paint in kitchens will make a big difference.


Lighting will account for approximately 5% of your total cost. If you relocate the fixtures, you may need to allocate much more budget to the lighting. This is because you need a good plumber. Even if you keep the location of your lighting the same, you can reduce your costs.


Your designer will support you in making your dream kitchen a reality. Your design fees can amount to about 4% of your budget. Therefore, you should choose a good kitchen designer.


Completing your kitchen will cost about 17% of your total cost. While living prices are high these days, you can lower your kitchen remodeling costs in Montgomery, VA.

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11 Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Howard County, MD

11 Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Howard County MD

If you’re looking for the best bathroom renovation ideas in Howard County MD you’ve come to the right place. If you are thinking of completely redesigning your bathroom or just looking for some ways to renovate your bathroom cabinets, CABINET ERA offers the best remodeling ideas for your dream bathroom.

Fan Timer Switches

While you’re in the shower, you’ll notice moisture build-up due to the heat and steam coming out of the bath. Excess humidity causes mold to grow in your bathroom. The best way to avoid this situation is to install a fan to remove steam from the bathroom during the showering process. These fans will also play a role in removing bad odors. Therefore, one of the best bathroom remodeling ideas would be to install a fan time switch that works based on the time you spend in the shower.

Freestanding Bathtub

One of the most popular trends today is freestanding bathtubs. Your bathroom will look luxurious and modern thanks to freestanding bathtubs. It will also give homeowners more space to relax.

Heated Floor

Another great bathroom remodeling idea is heated floors. Heated floors are sure to make your cold days feel warm and comfortable. You can choose between two types of underfloor heating. These; are water and electricity-based systems. When you choose a heated floor, you will not see the pipes. In this way, you can design your bathroom perfectly.

Heated Towel Rack

You can add heated towels to your bathroom refresh list. You should not forget that heated towels will provide extra comfort in cold months. These prevent the formation of mold by supporting the drying of your towels in humid and cold weather. At the same time, this process will be very budget-friendly.

Heated toilet

Another innovation you can make in your bathroom is the heated toilet bowl. When planning to have a heated toilet, you should keep in mind that you will need a socket on the toilet wall.

Vanity Cabinets

One of the most useful renovations you can make to your bathroom is to hide your cables inside your drawers. In this way, you will eliminate the clutter in your drawers. In addition, it will make homeowners’ worktops more organized and functional.

Wall Flooring

Tiles will play a huge role in improving the look of your bathroom. It will be a great way to reflect your personality and style as well as increase the aesthetic value of your space. You can choose a wallpaper that will create a similar effect to bathroom tiles. You can browse our website to learn more about other bathroom design ideas in Howard County MD to help you get started with your bathroom remodel.

Neutral colors

If you like to see colorful artwork, beautiful rugs, and different decor in your bathroom, you can choose neutral colors such as gray, white beige, and brown for your decorations.


Determining the bathroom concept will allow you to move comfortably in your bathroom. The main goal here is to create a light and airy design.

Modern Look

Today, modern bathrooms represent simplicity and cleanliness with rustic touches that add warmth. Modern bathroom vanity is a style in which color schemes, shapes, and materials are combined with rustic untreated lumber or earthenware.

Marble Preference

Marble has become very popular today in bathroom counter preferences. Marble is often used in bathrooms. This is because it adds luxury and elegance. Our designers will support you in choosing the one that best suits your preference. For more information, you can browse our website for bathroom remodeling ideas in Howard County MD.

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