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What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

Your kitchen countertop is one of the first things you`ll notice when you enter the kitchen. With the numerous amount of materials available for countertops these days, there is little limit to the type of countertops you can use for a kitchen. One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a kitchen countertop is color.

Your kitchen countertop color should blend with the color of the cabinet, walls, and floors of your kitchen. So then, what kitchen countertop color should you choose? Here, we`ve provide a guide for choosing a fitting kitchen countertop color as well as some popular countertops in 2021.

Pure White

Most pure white countertops are found in Corian or Caesarstone materials. These countertops give your kitchen a modern and exquisite look without making it appear chaotic. One of the benefits of using a Corian or Caesar stone pure white countertop is that it repels stain and can last for a long time. Pure white countertops are suitable for most types of cabinets but they are among the best color for countertops with white cabinets.

Pure white countertops also make your kitchen look bigger than it is. Also, if you have a minimalist kitchen design, you can use a pure white countertop to tone things down a bit. To give your kitchen a sea-like look, consider pairing a white countertop with a blue cabinet. This combination gives your kitchen a cool feel.


Mid-tone shades include beige, nude, and cream. They are available in a variety of materials. However, they are popular granite colors for a kitchen countertop. Gray and mid-tone colors are neutral. Neutral colors blend with most colors. Gray countertops are an ideal choice for colorful cabinets.

They can tone down vibrant colors and give your kitchen a coordinated look. Mid-tone countertops can also create a perfect harmony between contrasting elements in your kitchen. Again, mid-tone and gray countertops can hide spots in your kitchen, making your kitchen look less messy than it ought to.

Flecked/ Softly Veined White

This is one of the most popular quartz countertop colors in 2021. It usually has an off-white shade with a light fleck having different tones. If you are trying to give your kitchen a traditional look, this is the best kitchen countertop color for you.  An added advantage of using flecked white countertops is that they conceal some stains that may be on the countertop.

Boldly Veined

Some of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops are boldly veined. Boldly veined countertops have a dramatic look which can give your kitchen visual appeal. You can have a boldly veined countertop with a white, gray, or cream background.

If your countertop is boldly veined, you might want to make other things in your kitchen minimalist to avoid too much attention. Boldly veined countertops usually go well with dark cabinets such as gray, brown, or even black. They are best used in large kitchens since they can appear overwhelming in small kitchens.


Black/dark kitchen countertops are rated high among the most popular granite countertops of 2021. They will look just perfect in a kitchen with a dark cabinet and dark floor, blending seamlessly and creating harmony in the kitchen design. When using a dark countertop with dark cabinets, ensure that your kitchen is well illuminated either from natural or artificial sources.

Light countertops have the tendency to overshadow other colors. A dark countertop might be just what you need to draw attention to the colors in your kitchen. Moreso, if you intend to have a dark, brooding look in your kitchen, dark countertops will look perfect for your kitchen. You can also give your kitchen a monochrome look by using a dark countertop with white cabinets and walls.

Wood Countertops

Wood countertops give your kitchen a natural and refreshing look. If you want to infuse a traditional look with a modern kitchen look, a wooden countertop is a bright idea, especially in a kitchen with mostly white finishing.

The shade of wood you use for your kitchen can set the tone for your kitchen. A light wood makes your kitchen look laid back while dark wood can make your kitchen look more serious. If you decide to use a wood countertop with wood finishes, it is best to stick to a particular shade for the woods.


Are you interested in finding out which kitchen countertops color to choose for your kitchen? Cabinetera can give well-informed answers to your question and help you set up the perfect kitchen countertop. Contact (708)78257777 or (410)8344808 to speak with a representative today.

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12 Ways to Get A Luxe Bathroom Look for Less

A bathroom is a place associated with rejuvenation, and sometimes, relaxation. There is no reason why it cannot be associated with luxury as well. Yes, luxurious bathrooms are often quite expensive. But the good news is that you can get a luxe bathroom look for less. How can you accomplish this? See the suggestions in the subsequent paragraphs. Here are 12 ways to get a luxe bathroom look for less.

1. Unique Tiles

You can make your bathroom look luxe by using tiles that defy the usual tile format of 3 by 6 inches. You can use tiles with a 2 by 9-inch format to add a bit of sophistication to your bathroom.

2. Install Bold Lighting

Glam up your bathroom by investing in bold lighting. Create your own affordable luxury bathroom by adding a chandelier. If you’re looking to go for something more modern, you can install a pendant. Bold lighting gives your bathroom a special type of glow that cannot be found in a normal bathroom.

3. Showed Curtains

One trick to making your bathroom look luxe is using bedroom curtains in place of normal shower curtains. Curtains with a silk material will make your bathroom look even more glamorous.

4. Use Art

Artworks around the house can give your house an elegant look. The same rings true for the bathroom. Hanging artwork in a bathroom is one way to add some style and intricacy to your bathroom. The artwork does not have to be grand or expensive to elevate the look of your bathroom. Just ensure that it has a frame that can protect it from moisture. This is how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget.

5. Furniture Vanities

You can remodel a piece of furniture such as a filing cabinet or a chest drawer into a vanity. You can also make depressions on the top surface of the furniture for a sink.

6. Tile from Floor to Ceiling

Tiling your bathroom from floor to ceiling makes it appear luxe. If you are trying to get a designer bathroom on a budget, you can use a classic subway tile. Your bathroom will look even more luxurious if you use the same tile for the floors and the walls. You can tile only one or two walls from floor to ceiling rather than tiling all the walls in the bathroom in order to save money. You can also use dark grout for your tiling for it to pop out.

7. Incorporate Outdoor Elements

You can incorporate elements from the outdoors such as plants and seashells. Make sure you use moisture-loving plants such as orchids and spider plants. It is important that your bathroom has a natural source of light if you are going to bring plants to it. This will prevent the plants from wilting away.

8. Monochromatic Scheme

You can make your bathroom look similar to a luxurious spa by using a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic scheme must not be with neutral colors. You can use other soothing colors such as blue. All you need to do to ensure you have a monochromatic scheme that’s layering the shades of a color in order of lightness or darkness.

9. Accessorize

Brass is the way to go if you have been wondering how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget. You can add brass accessories to your bathroom in the form of taps, mirrors, soap dispensers, or toothbrush holders. It is also possible to upgrade your knobs and pulls with metals that will add luster to your furniture and give them a brand-new look.

10. Large Mirrors

Mirrors can double the size of your bathroom. The larger the mirror, the better. For a more sophisticated look, you can use a mirror with a vintage frame or a brass frame. Note also that framed mirrors generally look more elegant than frameless mirrors.

11. Paint the Bathroom Floor

Looking for a way to make your bathroom look luxe with flooring? Painted floors are just what you need. These days, there are paints designed for use on a tile. It is way cheaper than retiling and it does not limit your creativity. While painting your bathroom tiles, you can draw unique patterns to fit the overall design of your bathroom.

12. Use Rugs

Most people use a bath mat in the bathroom. A luxe alternative to a bath mat is an area rug. They are more ornate and unique. For a more expensive look, you can use an oriental rug or a vintage rug.

Still interested in more ideas for getting a luxury bathroom on a budget? Cabinetera has an experienced team of designers that can help you create the bathroom space of your dreams. Reach today us at (708)78257777 or (410)9344808.

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8 Steps to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the most used room in almost every house. Frequent use of the kitchen can make it look run-down; Not to mention that the kitchen might also begin to look outdated and in need of a remodel when used often. As exciting as remodels are, they can pose a lot of challenges.

A kitchen remodel can even be more challenging than other remodels because you will be shut out from the only place designed for making or storing food for quite some time. So how does one survive a kitchen remodel? In this article, you`ll find the best tips for surviving kitchen remodels.

1. Create a Temporary Kitchen

Creating a makeshift kitchen is one of the most important steps to surviving a kitchen remodel. The main challenge posed by a kitchen remodel is that you do not have a space to make meals. So why not create a space you can use for meal preparation until you’re done remodeling your kitchen. You can decide to use an empty room in your house or you can divide a space which is already in use into two compartments. You can use one compartment as your kitchen space. But whatever you choose to do, just make sure your temporary kitchen does not stand in the way of your kitchen remodel.

2. Use Only Basic Kitchen Appliances

Another tip on how to survive during a kitchen remodel is using only basic kitchen appliances like a toaster, stovetop, or coffee maker. You might not be able to use large kitchen appliances like dishwashers because your temporary kitchen might be too small to accommodate them. So just stick to the appliances you need for day-to-day meals until your kitchen is fully remodeled.

3. Cook Simple Meals

What to cook during a kitchen remodel is often a concern when the project is underway. While planning your meals during a kitchen remodel, it is important to remember that you will not have access to some kitchen appliances. It is advisable to plan your meals to the kitchen appliances you have at your disposal. For example, a sandwich with coffee will be an easy meal to make when your kitchen is being remodeled as it only requires simple and portable kitchen appliances to be prepared.

4. Eat Out or Buy Take-outs

Your meals during kitchen renovations will be different, as kitchen remodeling limits the type of food you can have at home. However, if your craving for a particular meal is much, you can always eat your desire deal at a restaurant. If you do not wish to eat in a public space but prefer the comfort of your home, you can order for take-out and have it delivered to you.

5. Use Paper and Plastic Cutlery

In your temporary kitchen, you might not have a kitchen sink. How do you survive a kitchen remodel without a kitchen sink? The answer is quite simple: use disposables. You can use recyclable and environmentally friendly disposable napkins, plates, and cutlery to reduce the need to wash.

6. Use Your Grill

Another tip on how to plan a kitchen refit is switching to grills. Grills are highly versatile kitchen appliances that can cook almost anything. They are mostly used outdoors, meaning that you do not require a kitchen space to be able to use a grill. You can have roasted beef, roasted vegetables, and burger just by using a grill.

7. Store Up Snacks in Your Pantry

Snacks can be a lifesaver for surviving a kitchen remodel. You can store up a variety of snacks in your pantry to be eaten when it will not be convenient for you to prepare a meal in your temporary kitchen.

8. Stay Out of Town if Possible

The main reason you might be affected by a kitchen remodel is that you spend time at home. You could plan your vacation, go on a family visit, or business trip; you will not have any need for a kitchen until you return. This can make the wait for a kitchen remodel more bearable.


Looking for an experienced kitchen designer or a remodeling contractor that can help you construct your dream kitchen in a good time? Contact us at Cabineteria and have your kitchen remodeled to suit your taste without making it difficult for you to survive the process. Call us today at (708) 78257777 or (410) 8344808 and become one of our happy clients.

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