8 Steps to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the most used room in almost every house. Frequent use of the kitchen can make it look run-down; Not to mention that the kitchen might also begin to look outdated and in need of a remodel when used often. As exciting as remodels are, they can pose a lot of challenges.

A kitchen remodel can even be more challenging than other remodels because you will be shut out from the only place designed for making or storing food for quite some time. So how does one survive a kitchen remodel? In this article, you`ll find the best tips for surviving kitchen remodels.

1. Create a Temporary Kitchen

Creating a makeshift kitchen is one of the most important steps to surviving a kitchen remodel. The main challenge posed by a kitchen remodel is that you do not have a space to make meals. So why not create a space you can use for meal preparation until you’re done remodeling your kitchen. You can decide to use an empty room in your house or you can divide a space which is already in use into two compartments. You can use one compartment as your kitchen space. But whatever you choose to do, just make sure your temporary kitchen does not stand in the way of your kitchen remodel.

2. Use Only Basic Kitchen Appliances

Another tip on how to survive during a kitchen remodel is using only basic kitchen appliances like a toaster, stovetop, or coffee maker. You might not be able to use large kitchen appliances like dishwashers because your temporary kitchen might be too small to accommodate them. So just stick to the appliances you need for day-to-day meals until your kitchen is fully remodeled.

3. Cook Simple Meals

What to cook during a kitchen remodel is often a concern when the project is underway. While planning your meals during a kitchen remodel, it is important to remember that you will not have access to some kitchen appliances. It is advisable to plan your meals to the kitchen appliances you have at your disposal. For example, a sandwich with coffee will be an easy meal to make when your kitchen is being remodeled as it only requires simple and portable kitchen appliances to be prepared.

4. Eat Out or Buy Take-outs

Your meals during kitchen renovations will be different, as kitchen remodeling limits the type of food you can have at home. However, if your craving for a particular meal is much, you can always eat your desire deal at a restaurant. If you do not wish to eat in a public space but prefer the comfort of your home, you can order for take-out and have it delivered to you.

5. Use Paper and Plastic Cutlery

In your temporary kitchen, you might not have a kitchen sink. How do you survive a kitchen remodel without a kitchen sink? The answer is quite simple: use disposables. You can use recyclable and environmentally friendly disposable napkins, plates, and cutlery to reduce the need to wash.

6. Use Your Grill

Another tip on how to plan a kitchen refit is switching to grills. Grills are highly versatile kitchen appliances that can cook almost anything. They are mostly used outdoors, meaning that you do not require a kitchen space to be able to use a grill. You can have roasted beef, roasted vegetables, and burger just by using a grill.

7. Store Up Snacks in Your Pantry

Snacks can be a lifesaver for surviving a kitchen remodel. You can store up a variety of snacks in your pantry to be eaten when it will not be convenient for you to prepare a meal in your temporary kitchen.

8. Stay Out of Town if Possible

The main reason you might be affected by a kitchen remodel is that you spend time at home. You could plan your vacation, go on a family visit, or business trip; you will not have any need for a kitchen until you return. This can make the wait for a kitchen remodel more bearable.


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