12 Ways to Get A Luxe Bathroom Look for Less

A bathroom is a place associated with rejuvenation, and sometimes, relaxation. There is no reason why it cannot be associated with luxury as well. Yes, luxurious bathrooms are often quite expensive. But the good news is that you can get a luxe bathroom look for less. How can you accomplish this? See the suggestions in the subsequent paragraphs. Here are 12 ways to get a luxe bathroom look for less.

1. Unique Tiles

You can make your bathroom look luxe by using tiles that defy the usual tile format of 3 by 6 inches. You can use tiles with a 2 by 9-inch format to add a bit of sophistication to your bathroom.

2. Install Bold Lighting

Glam up your bathroom by investing in bold lighting. Create your own affordable luxury bathroom by adding a chandelier. If you’re looking to go for something more modern, you can install a pendant. Bold lighting gives your bathroom a special type of glow that cannot be found in a normal bathroom.

3. Showed Curtains

One trick to making your bathroom look luxe is using bedroom curtains in place of normal shower curtains. Curtains with a silk material will make your bathroom look even more glamorous.

4. Use Art

Artworks around the house can give your house an elegant look. The same rings true for the bathroom. Hanging artwork in a bathroom is one way to add some style and intricacy to your bathroom. The artwork does not have to be grand or expensive to elevate the look of your bathroom. Just ensure that it has a frame that can protect it from moisture. This is how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget.

5. Furniture Vanities

You can remodel a piece of furniture such as a filing cabinet or a chest drawer into a vanity. You can also make depressions on the top surface of the furniture for a sink.

6. Tile from Floor to Ceiling

Tiling your bathroom from floor to ceiling makes it appear luxe. If you are trying to get a designer bathroom on a budget, you can use a classic subway tile. Your bathroom will look even more luxurious if you use the same tile for the floors and the walls. You can tile only one or two walls from floor to ceiling rather than tiling all the walls in the bathroom in order to save money. You can also use dark grout for your tiling for it to pop out.

7. Incorporate Outdoor Elements

You can incorporate elements from the outdoors such as plants and seashells. Make sure you use moisture-loving plants such as orchids and spider plants. It is important that your bathroom has a natural source of light if you are going to bring plants to it. This will prevent the plants from wilting away.

8. Monochromatic Scheme

You can make your bathroom look similar to a luxurious spa by using a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic scheme must not be with neutral colors. You can use other soothing colors such as blue. All you need to do to ensure you have a monochromatic scheme that’s layering the shades of a color in order of lightness or darkness.

9. Accessorize

Brass is the way to go if you have been wondering how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget. You can add brass accessories to your bathroom in the form of taps, mirrors, soap dispensers, or toothbrush holders. It is also possible to upgrade your knobs and pulls with metals that will add luster to your furniture and give them a brand-new look.

10. Large Mirrors

Mirrors can double the size of your bathroom. The larger the mirror, the better. For a more sophisticated look, you can use a mirror with a vintage frame or a brass frame. Note also that framed mirrors generally look more elegant than frameless mirrors.

11. Paint the Bathroom Floor

Looking for a way to make your bathroom look luxe with flooring? Painted floors are just what you need. These days, there are paints designed for use on a tile. It is way cheaper than retiling and it does not limit your creativity. While painting your bathroom tiles, you can draw unique patterns to fit the overall design of your bathroom.

12. Use Rugs

Most people use a bath mat in the bathroom. A luxe alternative to a bath mat is an area rug. They are more ornate and unique. For a more expensive look, you can use an oriental rug or a vintage rug.

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