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5 Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom in 2021

Windows in many bathrooms are often deprived of natural lights and adequate illumination. This often limits the feeling of relaxation the bathroom offers. The absence of windows can make the bathroom feel boxed in.

Luckily, many methods and designs exist today that allow homeowners to open up their windowless bathrooms. Based on recent developments in the home remodeling industry, this article explains five smart ways to open up your windowless bathroom in 2021.

1. White is Appealing

Not only will white make your bathroom space feel fresh and airy, but it is also one of the best ways to naturally reflect light through a space. The beauty of all-white tiles and walls is that it helps to magnify or amplify the illumination present in the room at all times.

This way, you effectively expand the spread of light and illumination within the space. As such, you get to enjoy your

2. Glass and Lucite

Another alternative is incorporating glass and lucite. Polished metals, glass, mirrors, and lucite are ideal materials for adding some character and drama without absorbing light. These are pretty handy because they take up less space and make the entire room less cluttered.

You can use lucite accessories since they’re beneficial for the functional items that typically go on the counter. Actually, they feel like they take up less space, therefore making the bathroom less cluttered.

3. Floating Vanity

You probably must have wondered if a floating vanity is a suitable choice for your bathroom remodel if not. The good news is that a floating vanity is a perfect fixture for a small windowless bathroom. One reason many homeowners install floating vanities is because of their clean and modern look.

A floating vanity is a little bathroom cabinet that’s anchored to the wall. Due to their sleek and simplistic appearance, they create the illusion of space. They often do not extend all the way to the floor as standard vanities do. This actually gives the impression that they’re floating in space. Floating vanities are becoming more popular recently, and are ideal for opening up a windowless bathroom.

4. Install Multiple Mirrors

The importance and functionality of multiple mirrors are pretty obvious and visibly felt in a bathroom. Whether it’s a luxe or standard bathroom, having mirrors in unexpected places can help to expand the space, making it look more lively. Homeowners can also consider creating a unique look by using a mirror for bathroom toe kicks or closet doors.

In addition to installing mirrors, another trick is to replace the wooden door or curtain with a glass door. Practically, this allows for more openness than regular doors or curtains.  A fixed glass panel with a swing door makes an ideal choice for a glass door, even if it’s with a standard tub installation.

A bathroom full of wall mirrors, with some extending to the vanity, goes an extra distance to double the space visually.

5. Layer Your Lighting

A suitable replacement for natural lights in your bathroom is wall fixtures. But you have to be creative at it to effectively achieve the same illumination or at least something close to that of natural lights.

Windows will naturally allow horizontal lights into the bathroom so as to counter overhead lights. In the absence of a window, all that’s left is vertical light coming straight down. Wall fixtures are a go-to alternative for reintroducing the glow back into your space.

Wrapping Up

From the discussion above, it is evident that opening a windowless bathroom is even much more straightforward than most homeowners thought. Given the variety of options available today, there seems to be at least one that’ll suit you and your space.

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Bathroom Design Tips for This Year

Are you redesigning or designing a new bathroom to go into a new home? If you are, then you may be frantically trying to remember all those bathroom design tips that you have heard. And you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to designing this bathroom since there is so much information out there to read. For those who are looking to update their bathroom or who are starting from scratch, we have several bathroom design tips that are meant to ensure that once complete the bathroom in your home is going to be one of those areas that you absolutely love to show off and use.

Bathroom Design Tips to Remember

bathroom design
bathroom design

Here are some of the bathroom design tips that you want to remember to ensure this room is fabulous.

  1. If you are starting from scratch, try not to make this bathroom too small. You still want to be able to fit into this bathroom all those things that you have always wanted. However, if you are remodeling, then be sure that you are taking the size into mind when replacing items. While you may want a garden tub, if the size of the actual room is not going to allow this to fit, then you need to think again.
  2. Go with calming colors when it comes to the walls and floor. This is going to give a relaxing feeling when you are in here, and give that spa vibe that so many people are interested in having.
  3. Do consider double bathroom vanities if you can. You will find that double vanities or what is better known as “his and her” sinks is going to allow for everyone to have easy access to this bathroom and make it useful. For bathroom vanities Arlington VA you will find that there are several options including sizes and styles to fit your design idea.
  4. Consider adding a tub into the bathroom, even if you are more of a shower person. The reason being is that a tub is a great selling point for if or when you decide to sell your home.
  5. Remember to have adequate lighting. There is nothing worse than having your dream bathroom but finding out that the light is too dim to get the full effect. Consider ceiling lighting, as well as vanity lighting to get the best result in this room.

When it comes to bathroom vanities in Arlington VA,  you are going to find that the vanity that you choose to put into your bathroom is going to be one of the main ways to make your entire room come together. Luckily, there are tons of choices when it comes to what you should be doing, so be sure to take the time to look at your options and find what works with the decor that you had in mind, as well as the space. While you  may want double vanities, always remember that the space is the real issue, so keep this in mind.

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