Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Rockville, MD

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Rockville, MD

If you are looking for kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD, CABINET ERA is the right address. We realize that safety is now your top priority when you have children. Many homeowners today are looking for remodeling ideas to turn their bathroom showers into kid-friendly spaces. You can be sure that we offer kid-friendly ideas for your bathroom remodel. So let’s focus on the spots we’ve selected for kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD.

Creating Child-friendly Storage Space

Kids make a lot of mess. Therefore, it would be right to increase your storage capacity to keep your bathroom clean and safe. One of the advantages of having a bathroom remodel is that it gives you the ability to remove clutter and add more storage space. Because of this, you can add more cabinets and drawers or any built-in cabinets. If you have a limited budget, you can add open shelves for free space on your walls. Adding open shelves to your shower is among the best bathroom cabinet ideas, as it creates a compartment for your kids’ shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom accessories. Thus, it makes your bathroom shower more functional and spacious, and you will not have to worry about any spillage.

As you begin your project as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD, you should not forget to add storage for your cleaning supplies and place them unreachable. Because cleaning products and other materials can be dangerous for children. Therefore, you should always make sure that this locker is locked.

Adding Security Features

Another kid-friendly bathroom remodels idea in Rockville MD is to add safety accessories like shower seats, tub covers, and grab bars. Because the bathroom is always slippery, you may need to put grab bars on your kids. While on the move, your child will step safely by holding these safety bars. Another safety accessory is the shower seat, it can provide safety in the bathroom by reducing the chance of falling. Additionally, you may also need a tub door. Finally, you can add a step stool next to your make-up table. In this way, you can provide a safe environment for your child to go to the stool to brush their teeth or wash their face.

Preferring a Non-Slip Floor Tile

Slip accidents are very common among the elderly and children, as soap and water will remain on the floor in the shower and after the shower. To prevent this situation, we recommend that you lay non-slip floor tiles.

Preferring Easy-Maintenance Bathroom Fixtures

Rockville, MD has a variety of materials you can choose for your bathroom fixtures as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas. We would like to point out that the products with a matte surface or made of acrylic are the easiest to clean. Opting for a matte finish will keep the stains behind. Acrylic bathroom fixtures, on the other hand, are effortless to clean as they are naturally non-porous. Stains and moisture do not pass through acrylic luminaires. You can choose special acrylic fixtures suitable for the size of your bathroom.

Bigger Sink Preference for Kids

When redesigning a bathroom, you should have a larger sink for your kids’ bathroom. Your kids will pour more water and spend time on your vanity counter. If you have a wider sink, more will be caught and less water will spill onto the floor. This also prevents your floor from getting slippery. We can help you choose and install the right style and size sink and faucet for your children.

Installing a Shower Curtain

It is necessary to choose a durable shower curtain. This is because your children can’t destroy them right away. At the same time, choose those with a non-porous, silky texture.

Smart Storage

If you are having trouble with space in your bathroom, you can choose hangers and shelves. Prefer hooks to towel hangers. It will be easier for children to remove towels and hang them on hooks. Open shelves are also ideal for small bathrooms. You can have open shelves if you want to make your child’s bathroom more spacious and airy.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Beveled or matte edges are essential for your kids’ bathroom as part of kid-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas in Rockville MD. This will prevent cuts on your children’s skin. They are not harmed if they accidentally bump their elbows or knees into countertops or tub surrounds.

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