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Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Montgomery VA

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Montgomery VA

If you want to know about kitchen renovation costs in Montgomery VA, CABINET ERA will be your address. Kitchen remodeling is among the priorities of many homeowners. At the same time, kitchen renovation prices are one of the first steps in starting a project. Whether you want to revitalize your kitchen or change your layout, researching kitchen remodeling costs in Montgomery, VA, will be essential.

The cost of kitchen remodeling in Montgomery, VA, will vary depending on the many criteria and alternatives you can do about your project. To avoid getting an overall cost average for kitchen remodeling, you can research kitchen remodeling costs in your area. After reading this content, you will know about the costs involved in a kitchen remodel, and you will make sure you are spending less on local kitchen remodelers.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertop prices will vary considerably depending on the material used. According to kitchen remodelers in Montgomery, VA, countertops generally account for about 10% of the total budget. While natural stone countertops such as marble or granite can be the most costly renovation, laminate countertops will be the most affordable option. The cost of marble counters may increase if you have a complex kitchen layout.


You may need to allocate 7% of your budget to redesign your kitchen. The type of flooring will vary in pricing. Tile can be an excellent kitchen flooring alternative. However, it is more costly than other flooring types and complicated to install. This may increase pricing. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning your flooring. Sign up with a few professional house cleaners in Montgomery, VA.


The ventilation issue will cost about 14% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. Some houses do not even have ventilation in the kitchen. In these cases, a new system must be put into use. Your preferred appliances will significantly impact pricing, especially if you consider upping the gas rate. Laying gas lines in your home will be pretty costly. Therefore, you should carefully decide what you want.

Doors and Windows

Usually, doors and windows for kitchen remodeling cost 4% of your cost. If you are considering enlarging your windows or adding new windows and doors, this will play a role in your expenses. Having new windows with better insulation will help you save on energy costs. Therefore, allocating more costs for windows can help you save money in the long run.


You may encounter high costs when you want to relocate your plumbing, sink, drain, or other pipes, which corresponds to 4% of your budget. If you leave your sink where it is, you can save money on kitchen renovations.


Cabinets are one of the most expensive renovations of kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends. Therefore, it will correspond to 29% of the total budget. The reason for this is that the cabinets provide lifetime use. Good and latest kitchen cabinet ideas are fundamental to your kitchen’s function. Therefore, you should choose the right ones for your needs. You will use your cabinets every day. Consequently, it would be logical to allocate more budget to the cabinets.


Painting accounts for about 5% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. Make sure you use quality paint for painting, which is one of the best ways to renew your kitchen. Choosing quality paint in kitchens will make a big difference.


Lighting will account for approximately 5% of your total cost. If you relocate the fixtures, you may need to allocate much more budget to the lighting. This is because you need a good plumber. Even if you keep the location of your lighting the same, you can reduce your costs.


Your designer will support you in making your dream kitchen a reality. Your design fees can amount to about 4% of your budget. Therefore, you should choose a good kitchen designer.


Completing your kitchen will cost about 17% of your total cost. While living prices are high these days, you can lower your kitchen remodeling costs in Montgomery, VA.

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6 Best Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Chantilly VA

6 Best Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Chantilly VA

As a homeowner and pet owner, we have no doubt that one of the most exciting projects you can imagine is pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA, so we recommend starting this path with unique kitchen remodeling ideas. If you have pets, you can search for pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA.

Pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA should be safe and functional for every member of your family. If you want to get some kitchen renovation ideas for the renovation and start your project in the best way, CABINET ERA will offer you unique ideas. Our company in Chantilly VA will offer you the best pet-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas with its professional team in kitchen remodeling.

Things to Consider About Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

We recommend that you always consider your pets when considering a unique kitchen remodel. When you find the right and expert remodeling company in Chantilly VA, you should also plan for fixtures to withstand any messes your pets may bring into the home.

Kitchen Style Preference

While planning your project by considering your pets, you should make good choices in style and material preferences for your kitchen cabinet and countertop. Kitchen renovation ideas with unique and modern cabinet designs that are suitable for your pets are in CABINET ERA! Various types of kitchen countertops that you can choose from are also very convenient for our pet friends.

Safe Granite Kitchen Countertops For Your Pets

Granite countertops are one of the hardest stones among alternatives. So this feature will make them unique for a pet-friendly design. Your pets will not damage your granite countertop. The reason for this is that this stone is very hard for pets to hurt it.

When it comes to the maintenance of kitchen counters, we would like to point out that choosing granite is one of the choices that offer the easiest cleaning.

There are many different types of granite countertops. So you can choose one for your pet-friendly kitchen design. Granite countertops are one of the most comfortable factors you can include in your kitchen remodel.

Pet Door to Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you have a door that opens to the outside in your kitchen, you can make it easier for your pets to get in and out with a pet door. We all know that our pets want to go outside whenever they want. But we may not want to have to constantly open and close the door for them. Therefore, a pet door is a unique alternative to consider as part of kitchen remodeling ideas.

The Best Carpets for Your Pet Friends

Sometimes if you want comfort under your feet in the kitchen and you have pets at home, your best option would be to use a carpet. Rugs will also add a unique beauty to your kitchen decor. It will provide a lot of support to make your feet feel comfortable. If your pets get dirty on your carpets, you can take your hall rug out and clean them. You can even choose a washing machine. Before moving on to the design of the rest of your kitchen, you can choose rugs and hall rugs for your kitchen. In this way, you get the advantage of coordinating all the colors.

Laminate Flooring For Your Pets

You can imagine a modern parquet for the renovation of your kitchen. But this would be impractical with your pet’s paws and general pollution. Your pets can accidentally scratch your parquet and bring dirt. This will damage the floors. Laminate will be the best alternative to meet the demands of pet owners. Another unique advantage of laminate floors is that they are easy to clean after your pets have messed up. Laminate floors can be swept, vacuumed, or mopped. Therefore, there will be no need to pay special attention to these parquets.

Drawer Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to keep your pet’s food in the cupboard, but also want to get rid of the appearance of a big food bag in the kitchen, you can choose kitchen cabinets with drawers. You can have a drawer in your cabinets that stores your pet’s food well. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company in Chantilly VA before installing the cabinets, CABINET ERA will be the right address.

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Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

7 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Alexandria, VA

You are probably in search of many small kitchen remodeling ideas for your home in Alexandria VA. Many homeowners want to redesign a small kitchen and make their homes more comfortable. As part of small kitchen renovations, if you have a small space and want to maximize it, CABINET ERA offers you the 7 best methods. In this context, CABINET ERA will tell you about the best small kitchen remodeling tips for Alexandria VA.

Make Detailed Observations and Be Sure of What You Want.

If you want to make the most of your small kitchen, it will be advantageous for you to look at the renovated small kitchens in your neighborhood. That way you can observe what is more appropriate. Make tours in Alexandria VA. In this way, you can get some valuable data for your project. You can also get small kitchen cabinet ideas from your friends.

Determine Your Working Triangle

Maintain good flow between kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher for a good small kitchen remodel. As these factors move in the kitchen, they will be our main routes when cooking. Therefore, they must be easily accessible. We need to have difficulty going from cooking to the next stage. Also, consider the space you have when your dishwasher or refrigerator doors are open. Imagine what it would feel like to move comfortably in the work triangle of your small kitchen. If it seems uncomfortable, create more space for yourself or try a different layout.

Determine Your Kitchen Cabinet Choices

A small kitchen remodel won’t look good without the right kitchen cabinets. For example; custom kitchen cabinets are the best method to maximize your space. To realize that every inch of your kitchen is useful, it will be enough to contact us as a cabinet designer. You can also choose to extend your cabinets up to the ceiling. This will turn your entire kitchen area into a usable area.

Lighting Is The Best Of A Small Kitchen Space

It is quite possible to make up for the lack of space by making good use of the lighting design. When you design every part of your kitchen well, you will have a larger and more comfortable space.

Opposite Actions

Choose a patterned wallpaper. This choice will make your kitchen feel like it has more width. Many individuals prefer tiles for wallpapers. Tiles are also popular nowadays for kitchen cabinet designers. It gives your kitchen a classic look that will never go out of fashion.

Color Schemes

Coordinating colors in your small kitchen will make a difference and make your dreams come true. A good choice would be a standard white kitchen. Preferring light colors is usually a good choice.

This is because it reflects more light. Therefore, it makes a small kitchen look brighter. This will help make the space feel larger than it is.

Creating a sense of separate spaces will be a unique choice to add contrast to a small kitchen. Also, a black countertop in a white kitchen would be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Small Gadgets

While most of us wish for a Jumbo refrigerator that will store our food for years, this will not fit in a small kitchen. Choose smaller appliances proportional to the size of your kitchen. Many European brands come in smaller sizes because the houses are smaller along the pond. They also have a stylish look that will impress any guest you have.

You can even completely ignore the dishwasher and prefer hand washing. This will provide you with more storage space and will create a lot of dining space in your kitchen.

Can You Add a Window to Your Kitchen?

Getting more natural light in a small kitchen can be a solution to many problems. Windows support more visual space so you don’t feel pressed. It also provides more ventilation, making it easier to breathe. There’s nothing that feels better than shimmering sunlight falling on you while you brew your morning coffee. If you are considering a kitchen cabinet renovation in Alexandria VA, you can contact us and benefit from our free consultation.

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How Deep Should Kitchen Cabinets Be and What Are Their Standard Sizes?

How Deep Should Kitchen Cabinets Be and What Are Their Standard Sizes?

When planning a new kitchen design or remodeling an existing kitchen, homeowners can research “What are the standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets?” In this context, CABINET ERA meticulously offers you all the details you need to make your dream kitchen cabinet a reality.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

While pre-assembled cabinets are preferred, there are standard kitchen cabinet sizes. These cabinets are expressed in three measurements. These; are height, width, and depth. The cabinets are standard sizes that can be assembled and assembled to suit the needs and spaces of individuals. Standard sizes apply to stock, semi-custom, and ready-to-install cabinets.

Each one is shaped according to the outer dimensions of the cabinets, not their inner dimensions. In general, kitchen cabinet sizes will vary according to the type of cabinet you are looking at and the scope of the area. For factory-made cabinets, the standard depth measurement is generally calculated as 24 inches. You should also consider that the cabinet depth size does not include doors that could add an inch to the cabinet’s overall depth.

Bed Base and Pantry Cabinets

Base cabinets are cabinets that can vary depending on the kitchen cabinet sizes in the lower half of your kitchen, being the upper unit. In terms of depth, the base cabinets are 24 inches. The Kitchen cabinet height is known as 34.5 inches from floor to end of the cabinet. The countertop height can be as high as 36 inches within the thickness of the countertop material.

The lower cabinets are constructed with a three-inch recess at the bottom of the cabinet box. This recess, which is described as a foot kick, supports individuals to do their work comfortably on the counter without kicking the cabinets. The thumb tap provides 24 inches of space while supporting 21 inches of cabinet penetration. The height of a toe kick is between 4 and 5 inches. Tall individuals may demand higher countertops by increasing their toe kick height.

Wall Cabinets

These cabinets hang on the wall above the counter. Because they are more visible, they are generally preferred for extra decoration. Wall cabinets are generally 12 inches deep. It provides easy access to the back of the cabinet and unlimited access to the counter. Above microwaves, choose 15-18 inch cabinets. 18-24 inch cabinets are preferred over refrigerators.

Floor and ceiling height will determine the appropriate wall cabinet height. Wall cabinets 30-36 inches high are typical. The gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling can be left open or it can be closed with underlays. Wall cabinets are produced in 9-36 inch widths. In rare cases, a 48-inch wide top will be appropriate.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets, sometimes known as utility cabinets, are generally placed in recesses next to refrigerators. You can prefer it to store food, large kitchen tools, or cleaning supplies. Tall cabinets are generally 12-24 inches deep. There are a variety of common heights available for taller cabinets. They are generally 84 inches, 90 inches, and 96 inches high. For your kitchen, you should make sure well in advance. Tall cabinets have a width range of 18-30 inches.


The standard bathroom vanity depth is calculated as 21 inches. Just like the kitchen cabinet, the door thickness adds up to 1 inch to the total depth of the cabinet. The standard vanity height is calculated as 34.5 inches. But by changing this height, you can achieve a longer depth. Cantilever cabinet widths range from 24 inches to 72 inches. We recommend that you choose the cabinets that will make the best use of the space you have.

Design Your New Kitchen with Cabinet Era!

If you are looking for cabinet-size alternatives, CABINET ERA will be the right choice for you. “How deep should kitchen cabinets be? There may be no need to think ‘. If standard cabinet sizes don’t fit your space and you have room in your budget, special kitchen cabinets are always a good option. Whichever way you want to go, we are with you!

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How to Design a Minimalist Kitchen?

How to Design a Minimalist Kitchen?

Do you want to design your minimalist kitchen? Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or move into a new home, minimalism is the latest trend in kitchen design. Minimalism is preferred worldwide; It represents modernity with few items. If you want to design your kitchen in a minimal way, there are some elements that every individual should know.

Emptiness – Free Space

Space, in other words, free space is significant in minimalism design. Expressing open space and free thinking in philosophy, minimalism is an important consideration for working comfortably in your kitchen.

Practical Space

In your minimalist design preference, you should pay attention to the placement of your spaces and belongings. The reason for this is that the items you place in your kitchens do not interfere with your daily life. Showing non-essential items in open spaces may not adapt to your new minimalist lifestyle. The purpose of each item in your living quarters is to provide a practical application to your daily life.


Functional elements are indispensable in minimalist designs. Every element in your space needs to be functional. Functionality varies in terms of practicality. If you want to ensure that all the items in your kitchen are functional, a minimalist kitchen design is a great way to eliminate clutter.

Can Traditional Kitchens Be Minimalist?

If you want to combine your traditional kitchens with a minimalist design, yes you are at the right place. Many kitchen designs contain traditional features. This case is a great way to make your kitchens unique. Minimalist kitchen interior design ideas can also create a luxurious ambiance.

Although minimalism is completely eliminating the excess, another aspect that many people do not pay attention to when creating a minimalist kitchen design is the flooring section.

Most homeowners prefer bright and bold flooring in their traditional kitchens. The floor covering in your kitchen should be water-resistant and scratch resistant.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Don’t know where to start to set up a minimalist lifestyle? Then there are CABINET ERA’s favorite ideas!

Neutral Color Cabinets

Neutral colors are very suitable for a minimalist design. However, many homeowners may want to see if the colors and patterns match the kitchen in style. In this context, we provide kitchen cabinet examples for you to have cabinets with a unique appearance in your kitchen areas. If you are not sure about the color choice, you should choose neutral color tones.

Metal Preference

Choosing a metal is a unique way to add variety to your minimalist kitchen designs. Whether you prefer cup handles or use a lighting fixture, each will offer a unique choice for minimalist kitchen design.

Recessed or Minimalist Lighting

You should determine where the best natural light comes from in your kitchen. Whether it’s rearranging your kitchen appliances or increasing the amount of recessed lighting you will install, finding ways to use artificial lighting in your kitchen will greatly contribute to minimalist kitchen design. Recessed lighting will be an excellent alternative for kitchens. This is because you can simply fill the space with light without the need for too many fixtures. At the same time, since the lighting will be higher, it will create fewer shadows in the general area. You can choose to connect your recessed lighting to a kitchen fan. Now you have many reasons to cook!

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