6 Best Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Chantilly VA

6 Best Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Chantilly VA

As a homeowner and pet owner, we have no doubt that one of the most exciting projects you can imagine is pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA, so we recommend starting this path with unique kitchen remodeling ideas. If you have pets, you can search for pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA.

Pet-friendly kitchen remodeling in Chantilly VA should be safe and functional for every member of your family. If you want to get some kitchen renovation ideas for the renovation and start your project in the best way, CABINET ERA will offer you unique ideas. Our company in Chantilly VA will offer you the best pet-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas with its professional team in kitchen remodeling.

Things to Consider About Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

We recommend that you always consider your pets when considering a unique kitchen remodel. When you find the right and expert remodeling company in Chantilly VA, you should also plan for fixtures to withstand any messes your pets may bring into the home.

Kitchen Style Preference

While planning your project by considering your pets, you should make good choices in style and material preferences for your kitchen cabinet and countertop. Kitchen renovation ideas with unique and modern cabinet designs that are suitable for your pets are in CABINET ERA! Various types of kitchen countertops that you can choose from are also very convenient for our pet friends.

Safe Granite Kitchen Countertops For Your Pets

Granite countertops are one of the hardest stones among alternatives. So this feature will make them unique for a pet-friendly design. Your pets will not damage your granite countertop. The reason for this is that this stone is very hard for pets to hurt it.

When it comes to the maintenance of kitchen counters, we would like to point out that choosing granite is one of the choices that offer the easiest cleaning.

There are many different types of granite countertops. So you can choose one for your pet-friendly kitchen design. Granite countertops are one of the most comfortable factors you can include in your kitchen remodel.

Pet Door to Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you have a door that opens to the outside in your kitchen, you can make it easier for your pets to get in and out with a pet door. We all know that our pets want to go outside whenever they want. But we may not want to have to constantly open and close the door for them. Therefore, a pet door is a unique alternative to consider as part of kitchen remodeling ideas.

The Best Carpets for Your Pet Friends

Sometimes if you want comfort under your feet in the kitchen and you have pets at home, your best option would be to use a carpet. Rugs will also add a unique beauty to your kitchen decor. It will provide a lot of support to make your feet feel comfortable. If your pets get dirty on your carpets, you can take your hall rug out and clean them. You can even choose a washing machine. Before moving on to the design of the rest of your kitchen, you can choose rugs and hall rugs for your kitchen. In this way, you get the advantage of coordinating all the colors.

Laminate Flooring For Your Pets

You can imagine a modern parquet for the renovation of your kitchen. But this would be impractical with your pet’s paws and general pollution. Your pets can accidentally scratch your parquet and bring dirt. This will damage the floors. Laminate will be the best alternative to meet the demands of pet owners. Another unique advantage of laminate floors is that they are easy to clean after your pets have messed up. Laminate floors can be swept, vacuumed, or mopped. Therefore, there will be no need to pay special attention to these parquets.

Drawer Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to keep your pet’s food in the cupboard, but also want to get rid of the appearance of a big food bag in the kitchen, you can choose kitchen cabinets with drawers. You can have a drawer in your cabinets that stores your pet’s food well. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company in Chantilly VA before installing the cabinets, CABINET ERA will be the right address.

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