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12 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in a house. Size is one of the most vital things to consider in a bathroom. A big bathroom space can improve your ability to perform daily activities in your bathroom, as well as the look of the space. 

The bathroom can be used for relaxation, but this can be hindered if your bathroom looks cramped. Here are 12 ways to make your bathroom look bigger no matter its size. 

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Vanity

Use Good Lighting 

Adequate lighting has a way of making a space look larger than it is. Bathrooms usually have poor natural lighting. This makes it important for you to invest in good lighting for your bathroom. It is advisable to have a wide range of light sources at different spots in the bathroom as this prevents the formation of shadows. 

Use Long Floor Tiles 

If you are looking to make your bathroom appear bigger, you might want to consider the use of floor tiles to make a room look bigger. Long floor tiles can make the breadth of your bathroom appear bigger. They can also make the length of your bathroom appear lesser than it is. This plays a trick on your vision and makes your bathroom look bigger. 

Do Not Use a Shower Curtain 

A shower curtain can make your bathroom look even smaller. You can use a glass panel in place of a shower curtain. In this way, you enjoy the benefits of a shower curtain without concealing any space. You can use a tinted or frosted glass panel if you prefer a bit more privacy in the shower. 

Use a Floating Vanity  

A floating vanity gives you ample space for storage without consuming your bathroom space. It Is one of the simplest ways to make your bathroom bigger, especially because it does not affect the floor space. 

Use White Tiles 

The color of the floor plays a big role in making a room appear bigger. So, what color of flooring makes a room look bigger? White floor tiles are a great option if you want to make your bathroom look bigger than it is. To maximize the benefits of white flooring, you can combine it with white finishes, white walls, and white drawers. Adequate use of light in the bathroom encourages the reflection of light within the room. This gives the bathroom a breezy feel associated with large spaces. 

Use a Large Mirror 

A large mirror can make a bathroom look twice its normal size. Large mirrors are even more useful in narrow bathrooms with little space. Despite the fact that large mirrors can be quite expensive, their effectiveness in making a bathroom space look bigger makes them a worthy investment. 

Use a Small Vanity  

Vanities can occupy a whole lot of space in the bathroom. To make the bathroom appear bigger, you can use a simpler vanity. A floating rack can be installed on the wall to make up for storage space. 

Use the Same Flooring 

This is how to make a small room look bigger with flooring. If you use the same flooring all through your bathroom, it makes the bathroom space appear bigger in size. Using different tiles in your bathroom can make it appear as though it`s divided into sections. 

Use the Same Tiles on the Wall and Floor 

This is yet another way you can use floor color to make a room look biggerTiling the walls of your bathroom can make it appear bigger. To visually magnify your bathroom space, even more, use the same tiles on the walls as on the floors. 

Use the Same Tone 

Avoid contrast while trying to make your bathroom space look bigger. Do not combine a dark tone with a light tone as this will create the illusion of smaller bathroom space. 

Paint the Ceiling the Same Color as the Walls 

Painting the ceiling the same color as your walls will unify the ceilings and the wall, reducing the number of intersecting planes and giving your bathroom a more expansive look. Naturally, ceilings appear darker than the walls. If you use a color that Is a shade lighter than the color of the walls for the ceiling, the two colors will still blend very easily. 


Remove every unnecessary item in your bathroom, especially from the floor. Larger floor space makes your bathroom look bigger. 

If you`re in need of a bathroom designer to remodel your bathroom and make it appear bigger, reach out to us today at Cabinetera. Our experienced designers can help you make the perfect choiceCall us today at (708)78257777 or (410)8344808. 

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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. From little family ‘together times’ to regular, everyday kitchen activities, there are different kitchen models and kitchen ideas available today. 

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our clients is, “How do I change my kitchen?”. In answering this question, we feel there’s a need to highlight the reasons why you may need to remodel your kitchen.

smart kitchen
smart kitchen

Increase the Value of your Home

Sometimes, homeowners decide to resell their homes, but the market value of their homes do not actually measure up to their expectation. The only way to achieve that is to improve the home’s value by remodeling the house, changing the backsplash, getting new kitchen cabinets, etc. This tells prospective buyers that the home is worth the purchase. 

Lifestyle Changes

You may want to arrange your kitchen to best suit your family’s needs. Perhaps, the lifestyle of the previous owners of the home does not work for you, or you just wanted to introduce new appliances in your kitchen to enable you and your family to enjoy better functions. 

Current Kitchen Trends

The kitchen design idea you finally opt for will depend on your reason for remodeling your kitchen — and one of those reasons can be staying in tune with current trends. This is necessary if your kitchen style or design is outdated. 

Special Needs

You may need to bring in a new appliance to add one or more functionalities to your kitchen. People remodel their kitchens for many reasons, and remodeling kitchens can be to satisfy a special need.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Financial incentives like reducing energy consumption can be one of the reasons people remodel their kitchens. For instance, adding skylights bring more sunlight and lowers dependency on artificial light.


Old kitchens need to be updated to meet current kitchen trends. Broken tiles, bad kitchen cabinets, peeling countertops, faded backsplashes, and obsolete appliances are also reasons to remodel your kitchen. 

Increased Space

If you don’t have enough room for activity, storage space, or foot traffic, you probably should consider different kitchen models to create more space.  

Home Improvement TV Shows

Watching home improvement shows often gives people ideas on current kitchen trends to remodel their homes. Sometimes, they may not have considered remodeling their kitchen until they saw the show. 

New appliances and Latest Models

When you buy new appliances or update the existing ones to the latest models, they may not fit into your kitchen. Hence, you may need to remodel your kitchen so the appliances match.

To Create a Smart Kitchen

Finally, building a smart kitchen with the latest technology can also be a good reason to renovate your kitchen. 

For help with renovating your kitchen, do contact us today at Cabinetera. Our experts can walk you through the necessary steps for a kitchen remodel. 

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Top Ten Kitchen Colors Increasing in Popularity This Year

Your kitchen color is the first thing people notice when they step foot into your kitchen. It sets the tone for your kitchen and goes a long way to determine what emotion you feel when in your kitchen.

kitchen colors
kitchen colorskitchen colors

Just like other components of a kitchen, some kitchen colors have gained more popularity than others. If you need inspiration for kitchen colors, read on. In this article, we will be going through the top ten kitchen colors increasing in popularity this year.

  1. Navy Blue: this is fast becoming one of the most popular kitchen colors. More cabinet models are coming in navy blue. This color not only makes your kitchen look sleek but also adds sophistication to your kitchen. What’s more, the fact that this color has a dark tone means it doesn’t stain easily.

  2. White: give your kitchen a pristine look with this timeless color. You could make the whole kitchen white from cabinet to countertop and flooring, or you could mix this versatile color with other colors. White makes the kitchen look more illuminated and spacious. It gives your kitchen a tranquil feel.

  3. Green: this is one of the cool kitchen colors that has become popular this year. Green gives your kitchen a refreshing look. You could use different shades of green, or you could stick to just one. It all depends on the kitchen design you are going for.

  4. Red: looking for bold kitchen ideas? Here’s one. Use red. Red kitchen cabinets have gained more popularity in 2021. From scarlet to rose red, all shades of red are welcome in the kitchen.

  5. Black: black remains one of the most popular kitchen colors. With black, you can afford to be more adventurous while designing your kitchen. It is also important to pay attention to lighting if you are going for a black kitchen so that your kitchen doesn’t appear too dark and brooding.

  6. Light Blue: if you’re looking for a cool kitchen, a light blue color would be just perfect for you.

  7. Brown: this color might be old-fashioned, but it sure is gold. Moreso, it’s making a strong comeback in 2021.

  8. Orange: This color lends a fun and bubbly look to your kitchen.

  9. Yellow: this unconventional color for a kitchen has gained popularity in 2021. It adds a lot of warmth to the kitchen.

  10. Dark Purple: this color gives your kitchen a homely look. It’s no wonder it’s become one of the popular kitchen colors of 2021.

Colors make your kitchen come alive. Are you interested in revamping your kitchen with the magic of colors? Cabinetera has the ideal team for you. Contact us today at (708)78257777 or (410)8344808.

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The Most Important Kitchen Design Principles

When designing your kitchen, it is important to pay attention to certain rules or principles. These kitchen ideas, if rightly applied, can help achieve the ideal kitchen design for your home. Regardless of your style or personal preferences, here are 5 important kitchen design principles you want to keep in mind when remodeling or designing a new kitchen for your home:

kitchen design
kitchen design

The Rhythm of the Design

The first kitchen design principle talks about the rhythm of your design. This refers to the repetition of certain elements in the design throughout the kitchen interior. A good rhythm helps to keep the room balanced and unified.

Instead of having the colors, artwork, and design elements looking haphazard, all components; the colors, backsplash, cabinets, and design elements should be balanced in such a way that they create a staccato rhythm, unifying each elevation in the kitchen.


In a kitchen design, you create emphasis by highlighting a particular feature. You can use light or colors to create emphasis on any kitchen feature of your choice. The essence of emphasis is to draw visitors’ attention to a particular area or feature in the kitchen.

With scale, shape, color, texture, and light, you can draw attention to any kitchen design feature. Emphasis could be decorative or functional, or even both, depending on your preferences.

Balance in the Kitchen

Balance in the kitchen design refers to the even distribution of visual weight. To achieve balance in your space, you can play around with the colors, texture, form, and space. When creating balance, every element, including the cabinet models, kitchen styles, and shape, typically goes under consideration. You may need to consult your kitchen designer for specific ideas on achieving a balanced kitchen design.


This is similar to balance and is how all the many different parts and materials in your kitchen blend to bring out the beauty in the design. The kitchen cabinetry, styles, countertops, appliances, backsplashes, flooring, lighting, accessories, the position of the sink, and window treatments must all blend harmoniously. This is important to avoid having a cluttered, very busy, or disconnected appearance in the kitchen.

Scale and Proportion

When designing your kitchen, keep in mind that scale and proportion often agree with each other or go hand-in-hand. They both describe the size of the kitchen space and how the gadgets and objects in the room relate to each other.

The architecture of the room typically determines the scale of the room. Keep in mind that everything is material, and fitting should be proportionate to the room’s architecture.

Do you need specific kitchen cabinet design principles or need to see more design ideas? Contact us today at Cabineteria for the best kitchen design ideas. Call us today at (708) 78257777 or (410) 8344808 to get started.

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