7 Ideas for Bringing a Natural Feel to Your Kitchen

Natural Feel to Your Kitchen! There is no doubt that the calmness and beauty of nature can bring life and cheer to your home. Incorporating natural elements into kitchen design can help one feel at peace and relieve stress. A themed kitchen can help to achieve a more personalized style and design.

Introducing organic pieces gives off a stunning look. Your kitchen can go from basic to sophisticated by just using rocks to give your walls a timeless finish. You can achieve a natural-theme design in your kitchen through many different avenues. Here, we share some tips to bring the outdoor feeling into your kitchen.

1. Incorporate Houseplants

This is one of the most affordable options. Using real plants to decorate the kitchen is a convenient way to fill spaces with nature, and add more natural beauty. Plants make your space look lively and colorful, and also breathe life into a room.

Place plants close to windows so that they can receive some sunlight. Because of their big leaves, tropical plants are the ideal choice. Little flower vases can be hung or placed on the counter, Island, or in the middle of the dining table. You can also place potted herbal plants on cabinets or windows. This way, you don’t get to run out of your favorite herbs.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

There   s no better way to feel closer to nature than eating or drinking with utensils made with natural materials, whether processed or not. Eco-friendly wares reduce the amount of toxins that plastic wares expose our food to by releasing toxic chemicals upon heating. This biodegradable tableware neither contaminates our food nor the environment.

Wood and bamboo are the most common materials used for such utensils. Imagine a table setting with beautifully carved-out wooden plates and spoons.

3. Use Grasscloth

Grasscloth is a timeless and delicate fabric. This expensive material is made from natural fibers, hemp, bamboo, seagrass, on an unpasted rice paper backing giving it an organic texture. These features make it eco-friendly and perfect for use. It is a natural aesthetic and beauty without doing too much. Grasscloth wallpaper can be used as wall coverings or backsplash.

4. Skylight and Large Windows

How else can you drown your space in nature? What feels better than having the skylight shining directly into your kitchen and uplifting your mood? In addition to that, you get a stunning view of trees and the night skies, further achieving a nature-themed kitchen. It gets even better when you are surrounded by greenery. Skylight is a stylish and practical way to add beauty to your interior while also brightening up your space. You can also consider large floor-to-ceiling windows to make the kitchen look spacious.

5. Adding natural materials/elements

Choosing the right materials can accentuate your themed kitchen. These include wood, rocks, bamboo, etc. Wood adds warmth and character to your space. It looks awesome on everything from walls to accessories to upholstery. Countertops, cabinets, wall finishes, island, dining chairs, table, floors, and shelves can all be made from beautiful oak or mahogany wood. Live-edge wood maintains the natural outline of the tree. It looks gorgeous when used on counters, tables, and shelves.

Compared to wood, rocks are more remarkable in texture. Stones can be used to create a beautiful and timeless backsplash. A carved-out stone sink never gets outdated. Neither style nor color scheme interferes with the beauty that rocks give. Stone walls, surfaces, and floors are not just aesthetically pleasing, they keep your kitchen cozy too. Brick walls are stunning and give off a natural vibe. Exposed bricks look fabulous on walls, ceilings, and when used as a backsplash. Brick walls are durable and require low maintenance.

6. Use Earthly Colors

Earthly colors refer to natural colors found in nature, such as, brown, green, taupe, etc. Earth tones are warm and comfortable. Consider purchasing earth-toned utensils and accessories. Your cabinets should also be painted with neutral tones. For floors, light colors are the best. Rather than one color scheme, choose other colors from an earth tone color wheel and play around with colors in your kitchen.

7. Be Creative with Your Hardware

Hardware contributes to the aesthetics of your kitchen. It is one of the most important design elements. Bearing in mind that you’re trying to achieve a nature-themed kitchen, your hardware should be tailored to fit your objective. Consciously select hardware that is made using natural materials. Wooden chopping boards and door knobs can be carved into fun and creative shapes. Stones can also be infused with steel to make beautiful utensils. Most of them can be customized or bought already made.

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