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A Simple Guide to Assemble RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets
RTA cabinets

You’ve heard of RTA cabinets or ready to assemble cabinets, and you’ve probably heard how easy they are to put up. They are relatively easy to assemble, but that does not mean there aren’t any instructions to follow. The following are a few tips to help you assemble RTA cabinets quickly and effectively.

Deal With the Workspace

It may not seem too important right now, but clearing your workspace is pretty important. For one, you are going to be concentrating on putting up these cabinets, so you may miss something on the floor and trip.

You should also make sure you place a towel or cloth on the floor to protect it from scratches. Those who are thinking of painting may also need a protective cloth in case of spills.

Organize the Tools and Parts

Your cabinet order is ready to be built. You want things to go smoothly, so make sure you start by organizing everything. Place each tool you are going to use in one area and all the screws in another. Make sure you separate each screw so that it is easy for you to get what you need later.

Cabinet ERA makes it a priority to send instructions to help you along the way, so keep that handy. You are also going to want to separate the cabinets by type and sizes. Taking this step may seem time-consuming, but it is going to help as you build your cabinets.

Assembling Begins

It might be a good idea to start assembling your cabinet by simply assembling the doors. This piece does not need to be placed on the wall at all and could be assembled on the floor where you are not battling gravity.

You are going to want to pull the pieces together, and don’t forget to add the necessary hinges if they are not on the door already. Those who need to reverse the hinges may want to go ahead and do that now.

Assemble the Cabinet

The doors are taken care of, and now they can be added to the cabinet box itself. You already have the brackets ready to be attached, so use the appropriate screws to secure the doors onto the cabinet boxes.

Once each door is attached you are going to make sure they are secure, so test them out before you continue. At this point, you want to add the back panel to finish assembling the cabinet. Make sure you take these steps with the rest of the cabinets you have to assemble before placing them on your wall.

Consider wrapping a tight rope around the cabinet door to secure them in place because the last thing you want is for these doors to swing open as you are placing the cabinets where they belong. You could seriously injure yourself, and no one wants that.

Of course, you can still have the cabinets installed by a professional if some of the steps seem a little too confusing or you simply don’t have the time.

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