Family-Focused Baking Kitchen

Fun Family-Focused Baking Kitchen

Fun Family-Focused Baking Kitchen! Baking is a fun way to bond together as a family. Having fun together builds great memories and stronger relationships. One way to achieve this in your home is by creating a standard baker’s kitchen at home.

With this in place, fun family baking is not only possible, but it is way more enjoyable. The good thing about this is that everyone has space to themselves and can create some fun too. This way, baking can indeed be a time of bonding with your kids, spouse, and close relatives.

Designing a baker’s kitchen is not an easy task, and it requires thorough planning. In this article, you’ll learn some pro tips to help you create the perfect family baking kitchen.

Tips for designing a baker’s kitchen in your home

1. Kitchen layout

It is important to get the right kitchen layout; working with a kitchen designer would help to properly structure the kitchen to ensure maximum use of space and personalized workflow. It would be best to seek the help of a professional if you can`t handle this.

2. Kitchen island and worktops

Consider using a marble or quartz surface, as it’s the perfect fit for a baker’s kitchen. Marble tops are non-stick, and they help keep your dough cool while rolling them out, while quartz is recommended as the best surface because it’s more durable and maintenance-free. Butcher block slabs are also a baker’s best friend when it comes to work-friendly surfaces.

A custom worktop height is necessary to ensure that both adults and kids are comfortable while working; Rolling out dough or kneading etc.

Bakers need a lot of space to carry out their work efficiently, and the best way to pull this off is to go with a kitchen island. An island serves many purposes, and it gives enough room to create an extra bar seating for the family to hang out while working.  Storage space (cupboards and drawers) can also be created to store some items and baking tools.

3. Storage

You need many ingredients and spices when baking; rolling carts and open shelves make these easily accessible without going around the kitchen to fetch them. Open shelving is a convenient way to store your baking items; it can accommodate large ingredients like flour and sugar, etc.

You can arrange rolling pins, whisks, spoons, measuring equipment, spatulas, baking pans, and other utensils in partitioned deep drawers. Tray racks help in organizing baking trays, sheets, cutting boards, and serving platters.

Bakers accumulate baking wares and supplies over time. If there is ample space, consider a walk-in pantry, this expands your storage space greatly and enables you to store as many items and tools as possible.

4. Tech corner

Ideally, this area should be within view of your prep space. In this corner, you can house a television or tablet connected to the internet for easy access to online recipes and e-cookbooks. You can also decide to create a shelf to keep hard copy cookbooks.

5. Appliances

A mixer and an oven are must-have appliances for a baker. You can keep the mixer on a sliding shelf to aid movement, and this shelf would be made to move in and out of a specially designed cabinet that can house other items as well.

If you have space and budget, investing in a double oven makes the job easier and faster. Built-in ovens come in larger capacities and would adequately serve your baking needs. The ovens should be placed at eye level, where you can easily monitor your pastries as they bake. Convection ovens are especially great for baking because they work with fans that circulate heat and ensure evenly baked pastries. Also, steam ovens are known to retain moisture, so this makes them perfect for cakes and bread.

6. Gadgets for bakers

Every baker’s kitchen needs some essentials to aid baking tasks. These include cooling racks, cookie trays, food processors, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.

Refrigerators are important because some recipes call for chilling before baking. Also, you can store some ingredients in the fridge till you have need for them.

Dishwashers are really helpful for post-baking clean-up. Pans, bowls, spoons, and other baking wares used whole baking can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, it would help if you cleaned certain plastics, wooden wares, and non-stick pans in the dishwasher. A deep sink is a good and even much better alternative for cleaning up.

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