How to Get Your Range Hood Right

If you`ve ever had to clean a kitchen that’s used often, then you`ll understand how much trouble it is to get rid of the grease and sticky film that smears all the cabinets’ surfaces and countertops. Installing a  kitchen hood can save you that trouble.

But exactly how does a kitchen hood work? A range hood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. By capturing and eliminating the contaminated air within your cooking space, the range hood helps to maintain clean air in the kitchen and also makes it easier to clean your kitchen. There`s a limitless number of styles of range hoods that you can install in your kitchen.

However, knowing some basics about range hood detail will help you get the right range hood for your kitchen. In this article, we`ll talk about the important things you need to keep in mind (power, noise, decoration, and sizing) before installing a range hood in your kitchen. In the end, you`ll also be able to decide which range hood option is best for your kitchen.

Why You Need a Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Understanding the primary function of a hood in your kitchen helps you appreciate just how important it is to install one. A range hood, rightly-installed, can help reduce the spread of heat and pollutants, including smoke and odors, throughout your kitchen and house.

Depending on the design and uniqueness of your kitchen, there are several range hood options you can pick from. Ultimately, a range hood makes cooking and cleaning up a lot easier. It effectively filters out any airborne grease or dirt before it has a chance to spread or settle on your walls, backsplashes, and countertops. A range hood functions in a somewhat similar manner as a kitchen mantle extractor, which adds to the design of your kitchen and also helps in filtering out bad air from the kitchen.

Additionally, by improving the quality of air in circulation, your range hood can help prevent the likely formation and spread of disease. Essentially, to avoid choking in heat and steam while making dinner or dealing with headaches at cleanup time, a range hood is a must-have in any modern kitchen.

Picking Your Range Hood Style Already? Here’s What You Should Know

Before you pick a style, you should know your power. Range hoods typically come in different shapes, sizes, and varying power levels. The blower fans of the device are measured in terms of the cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air that the fans can move. Cooktops or stoves, on the other hand, are assigned a value known as British thermal units (Btu), which is the amount of energy they produce.

In order to correctly pair the cooktop’s energy production with the hood’s power to remove oil and grease, you need to understand the capacities of the cooktops and the range. For instance, every 1 cfm will need about 100 Btu. This information is usually in the manual or model specifications given by the manufacturer in the product. So, be sure to check that as well.

Get Your Size Right

The size of your range hood matters just as much as its grease and air-sucking power. Professionals recommend that your blower should be larger than your cooktop. For example, if you have a 24-inch cooktop, an ideal range hood would have a 36-inch blower. For a 30-inch cooktop, you should consider getting a 36-inch blower.

However, you must check the manufacturer’s specifications, especially if you`re installing a standard range hood.

When to Choose a Range Hood

The best time to decide what type of range hood you want in your kitchen is before you start building or remodeling. Many models work well with standard 6-inch ductwork, while some more powerful models will require about 12-inch ducts. So before your HVAC goes in, you need to know what type of range hood you’re getting.

What About Your Noise Tolerance?

Just like dishwashers, range hoods make noise, and the noise levels (measured in sones) vary across different models. Typically, higher-performing hoods have more noise levels, while the ones with less power have lower noise. Sometimes, the ones with higher power do generate less noise. For this reason, you want to be sure that you can tolerate the noise level before you part with your money. Some showrooms will test it for you to see.

Finally, Let’s Talk About Style

There are two major types of range hoods on the market: the all-in-one and insert plus shell hoods. The majority of the models on the market today are the all-in-one variety. These are ideal when you want a range hood with a subtle or timeless appearance.

The second option (insert plus shell), offers you a bit more flexibility. For instance, you can choose a hood shell and a blower separately to achieve the look and the power level you want. But note that this particular option is available only in higher-end hood models.

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