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7 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Oxonhill: Transform Your Space with CABINET ERA

7 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Oxonhill: Transform Your Space with CABINET ERA

When it comes to home improvement projects, bathroom remodeling can significantly impact your home’s functionality and aesthetics. Suppose you want to renovate your bathroom in Oxonhill. In that case, you can choose CABINET ERA because CABINET ERA can turn your bathroom into an enchanting oasis with its expertise and high-quality products. This blog will present seven renovation ideas at Oxonhill that can breathe new life into your bathroom and increase its attractiveness and functionality.

You can modernize your bathroom with a private cabin.

You can upgrade your bathroom storage with custom cabinets from CABINET ERA. You can opt for stylish, contemporary designs that provide ample storage space and add elegance to your area. Custom cabinetry allows you to maximize storage efficiency while perfectly matching the dimensions and style of your bathroom.

You Can Create A Luxury Spa Experience.

Combining luxury spa elements can turn your bathroom into a personal retreat. For a relaxing shower, consider installing a freestanding tub. Add a rain shower head and opt for ambient lighting to create a serene atmosphere. With CABINET ERA, you can choose high-quality fixtures and finishes that radiate luxury and style.

You Can Prefer Natural Materials.

You can bring the beauty of nature to your bathroom by choosing natural materials. Consider using stone or marble countertops that not only add elegance but are also quite durable. Choose wooden accents and accessories to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. CABINET ERA will provide a timeless and organic look for your bathroom by offering various natural materials.

You can upgrade your lighting.

The proper lighting will significantly improve the overall mood of your bathroom. We recommend installing layered lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting. Opt for dimmers to adjust the lighting according to your mood and time of day. CABINET ERA will guide you in choosing the right lighting fixtures that provide optimum functionality and blend seamlessly with your bathroom design.

You Should Optimize Storage Space.

We all prefer a clutter-free bathroom to maintain a clean and tidy space. Maximize storage by installing vanity mirrors with built-in storage, or add floating shelves to display decorative items. CABINET ERA will help you design and install customized storage solutions that make the most of your available space while keeping your essentials close at hand.

You can upgrade to Energy Efficient Luminaires.

Energy-efficient luminaires save you money on electricity bills and contribute to a sustainable future. You can replace worn-out faucets, toilets, and shower heads with water-saving options. CABINET ERA will help you reduce your environmental footprint by offering a wide range of eco-friendly luminaires that are both stylish and efficient.

You Can Incorporate Smart Technology.

With the integration of intelligent technology, you can make your bathroom experience even more accessible. You can install motion-activated faucets, automatic temperature control systems, or intelligent mirrors with built-in displays. CABINET ERA will help you choose and integrate innovative bathroom solutions that elevate your daily routine.

Starting a bathroom remodel project at Oxonhill is the perfect opportunity to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of one of the most critical areas in your home. With CABINET ERA, you can bring your vision to life and turn your bathroom into a luxury haven. Whether you want a modern, spa-inspired sanctuary or a traditional, timeless design, their expertise and top-quality products will ensure a successful bathroom remodel. Apply these seven remodeling ideas and enjoy a revitalized bathroom that perfectly reflects your style and meets your practical needs.

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The Most Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Alabama

The Most Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Alabama

Are you looking for the most modern bathroom remodeling ideas in Alabama? Are you looking for modern remodeling ideas to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space? Regarding bathroom remodeling, look no further than CABINET ERA, based in Alabama, the land of endless possibilities. This guide will explore the latest bathroom remodeling trends and ideas to inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Color Schemes

Choosing a suitable color scheme is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom remodel. In recent years, neutral tones have been preferred in modern bathroom design, while white and gray are the most popular. However, if you’re looking for something more daring, why not try bold, assertive colors like navy blue, emerald green, or black? These colors create a dramatic, sophisticated look that instantly updates your bathroom.

Shower Cabins

Gone are the days of essential shower curtains and glass doors. Modern bathroom designs now include stylish, minimalist shower enclosures that create a spa-like atmosphere. Frameless glass enclosures are the most popular choice, as they make a clean, seamless look that lets tiles and fixtures stand out.

Freestanding Tubs

Consider a freestanding tub if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury. These freestanding tubs are a statement piece that adds elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. They come in various styles, from classic claw feet to modern, geometric designs.

Smart Technology

In today’s world, everything is getting smarter, including bathrooms. Innovative technology can make your bathroom experience more efficient and enjoyable. Consider adding features like heated seats, automatic flushing, and an intelligent toilet with built-in speakers. You can also install an innovative shower system that lets you control the water temperature and flow and even play music or podcasts while you shower.


Adding texture to your bathroom can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a textured wall or a natural stone accent wall. You can add texture using patterned tiles or a textured shower floor. Adding texture to your bathroom creates depth and visual interest, making it a standout space in your home.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any bathroom design. Consider installing dimmer switches that allow you to adjust the lighting to the level of brightness you want.

What do you think should be considered when looking for bathroom remodeling ideas?

  • Budget

Could you determine your budget before starting your remodeling project? This will help you narrow the options and focus on ideas within your price range.

  • Space

Consider the size and layout of your bathroom. Some ideas work better in larger areas, while others are better suited for smaller bathrooms.

  • Style

Think about the overall kind you want to achieve in your bathroom. Do you want a traditional or modern look? Are you looking for a spa-like retreat or a more functional space?

  • Functionality

Please look at how you use your bathroom and what features are most important. Do you need more storage? Do you want a more oversized shower or a bathtub? Would you like better lighting?

  • Maintenance

Consider the care and upkeep required for different materials and features. Some options may require more cleaning and maintenance than others.

  • Sustainability

Consider using sustainable materials and products in your bathroom remodeling project. Eco-friendly options can save water and energy, reduce waste, and create a healthier environment.

  • Resale value

If you plan to sell your home, consider how your remodeling project will impact the value of the resale. Choose ideas that are timeless and appealing to a wide range of buyers.

You can also contact our company CABINET ERA, which offers Alabama’s most modern bathroom remodeling ideas.

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4 Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Catonsville, MD

4 Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel in Catonsville, MD

Excited to remodel your bathroom in Catonsville, MD? This will be an exciting endeavor! When planning a bathroom remodel, you must first strike a balance between providing comfort and reflecting on your style. Careful planning is essential for the successful and satisfying bathroom remodeling. We’ve put together some basic tips to help you get started with your bathroom remodeling project.

Set a plan and budget

Before having a bathroom renovation, it would be beneficial to have a meeting with your family. You can discuss with your family members which fixtures and finishes you want to choose and how much budget you would like to spend. We recommend that you research the modeling costs, design budget, materials, and workmanship in detail. In this way, you will have a realistic budget adjustment. Here are some questions to help you estimate the cost of redesigning your bathroom:

1- How much did you budget?

You should always consider your alternatives for payment terms. Like cash or financing. We do not doubt that keeping your budget realistic will make your home an investment rather than a financial burden.

2- Do you plan to sell your house in the future?

If you are planning to put your home on the market, you will need to consider which bathroom features can help increase the resale value of your home. You should explore the various design styles that your potential buyers will like and love. Bathroom remodeling in Catonsville MD will undoubtedly offer you a significant return on investment.

3- What are the important designs you want to add to your bathroom?

You should consider everyone when designing your bathroom space. You can integrate design elements according to your wishes and lifestyle. Furthermore, you can make a budget planning by determining which of these designs is more important to you.

When planning a budget, it will be advantageous for you to stick to your plans without going out of your budget. We recommend that you set aside 20% of your emergency budget in case some unexpected expenses occur during your project. If you’re having trouble getting everything set up for your bathroom, you should seek professional advice.

You must determine your bathroom design

A standard bathroom includes a toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink. If you’re remodeling a guest bathroom in Catonsville, MD, or planning in a limited space, a sink and toilet with a small shower will suffice. What kind of bathroom will you be planning for? A full bathroom or master bathroom? Are you planning to start from scratch or plan something new for your existing bathroom? Being able to answer these questions will give you a better idea of what you want.

Decide on your toiletries

Redesigning your bathroom will take a lot of detailed planning and thought. You can have unique ideas for your designs. But these require certain materials and textures. You should purchase products and materials that will truly meet the needs of your remodel. Choosing the right materials is critical when it comes to many things such as countertops, bathtubs, lighting, bathroom cabinets, tile flooring, vanity tables, and bathroom fixtures. If you want to see which ones work for you and which ones don’t, you can follow the latest trends in bathroom remodeling.

You must choose the right lighting materials

One of the most important bathroom renovation ideas will be to choose the right lighting for your bathroom. You will need to decide whether you prefer natural or artificial lighting. Adequate and elegant bathroom lighting will affect how you look in the mirror and will help modernize your bathroom look.

You should carefully place windows on your walls for natural lighting. We do not doubt that adding many windows and skylights will make your bathroom feel brighter and airier. You can add blinds or privacy curtains to gain the privacy you need in the bathroom. Mirrors will also help to make the space feel larger by reflecting the natural light from the windows. For artificial lighting, LED recessed lights with wall sconces next to or above the mirror would be a great idea. LED lights can be in various colors. At the same time, these lights provide energy savings that can last for a long time.

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9 Most Unique Trends Bathroom Remodeling in Halethorpe MD

9 Most Unique Trends Bathroom Remodeling in Halethorpe MD

Here are some things to consider when remodeling your bathroom if you’re looking for trending bathroom remodeling ideas at Halethorpe MD. Contact us for a bathroom remodel at Halethorpe, MD and witness how we can make a big difference with the beauty and function of your bathroom remodel. As CABINET ERA, we have listed the ideas that we have presented to you below.

Modern Shower Cabin

Installing a shower cabin is very popular today as it is accessible to everyone. It will be easy to shape your shower cabin by starting the renovation from the shower floor, shower heads, counter, and glass.

Hanging Mirror

Make-up mirrors are preferred in every bathroom. However, you can add color to your bathroom by hanging a flashy mirror on the bathroom walls. The mirror you choose should have a unique shape and place it in a different place than your standard make-up mirror. This idea could be an incredible choice for a bathroom remodel in Halethorpe, MD.

Floating Bathroom Bench

It would not be ideal for you to opt for a unique and space-saving floating vanity. The bathroom vanity top is mounted on the wall. You should purchase countertops at Halethorpe, MD, to add to your bathroom renovation. This choice will be an excellent choice for bathroom renovations. At the same time, it will help you to get a fresh look in your bathroom.

Built-in Wall Warehouses

Whether you want to install a storage compartment built into the wall in your main or guest bathroom, Halethorpe, MD, will have a trendy bathroom remodeling idea. We’re seeing it gaining popularity today as it helps to save space without sacrificing the storage capacity inside your bathrooms. At the same time, you can choose a color that can create a contrast that is compatible with your shower wall.

Adding Ornamental Plants

If everything you put in your bathroom vanity consists of synthetic things, you might get bored. In this context, you can include some ornamental plants and wooden items to add uniqueness to your bathroom. Placing your plants near your window gives your modern bathroom more living space. The point you need to pay attention to here is to choose plants that can thrive in a low-light environment.

Matte Finish

It is enjoyable to prefer high-gloss coatings. However, too much can damage our eyes. Glossy surfaces are suitable for small bathrooms. But a matte finish will be a great choice if you have a medium and large bathroom area. Dust and dirt will not be visible on a flat surface simultaneously. The matte finish can also add a modern and contemporary flair to your bathroom renovation.

Creating an Entertainment Environment

We are sure it will be a pleasure to create some entertainment environment such as a small television in your main bathroom. You can drink and watch a movie while relieving the day’s tiredness in the bathtub. You can also use speakers to play your music while taking a bath. Thus, your parent bathroom will turn into a more relaxing atmosphere.

Heated Flooring

Another feature you can install for your steam bath is establishing a floor heating system in your bathroom. Thanks to this trend, you can prevent your feet from getting cold after a shower or bath.


Having a steam bath in your home will be revolutionary. This will be a worthwhile investment as it adds function and comfort to your main bathroom.

Looking for a Bathroom Remodeler in Halethorpe, MD?

CABINET ERA Halethorpe, MD’s most trusted local remodeling company. With years of experience, the bathroom cabinet you need for bathroom and kitchen renovation will best meet your makeup cabinet requirements. If you also want to renovate your bathroom and want to get service from a professional company, you can contact us and benefit from our perfect service.

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Cabinet Era - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanity

2022 Bathroom Vanity Trends

If you’re reading this post, my guess is you’re interested in learning some new vanity ideas for your bathroom or just updating yourself on current bathroom vanity trends. Indeed, as the years continue to roll by, new ideas keep coming out. Interestingly, the bathroom is not left behind in man’s daily evolution. 

So here, we’ll introduce you to a few of the latest bathroom vanity ideas on the market and see if any of these fit your style.

2022 Bathroom Vanity Trends
2022 Bathroom Vanity Trends

Warm Colors – Bathroom Vanity Trends

In general, bathroom cabinet color trends in 2022 are going towards warm colors, which justifies the growing emphasis on color and warmth in bathroom decorations. Luckily, there is a vast combination of colors that will give you the warmth you want in your bathroom. And with the help of a professional, you can be sure of getting the best bathroom design ideas.

Natural Wood – Bathroom Vanity Trends

You can go for natural wood colors to add a natural tone to your bathroom. With the proper finish, wood can stand up to the moist conditions in a bathroom. The wood gives your bathroom a natural, earthy feel, making it a more relaxing space.

Floating Cabinets – Bathroom Vanity Trends

Another attractive alternative is a floating cabinet. A floating vanity has no connection to the floor. It is mounted to the wall instead and appears to be floating off the floor. It even makes it easy to clean the floor when necessary. Complementing this with a modular vanity cabinet design helps to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

Open Shelving – Bathroom Vanity Trends

Your bathroom cabinets need some shelving to have doors. You can have a few open shelves in your bathroom to provide you with that spa feeling within your own space. This is a fantastic bathroom design idea.

White and Gray – Bathroom Vanity Trends

Wondering which bathroom cabinet color trends are best for your modern bathroom? You have a plethora of good choices to pick from. Consider going for a color combination that suits your lifestyle and family. If you’re not sure which colors to go for, you might want to try out gray and white. These two are a perfect match, any time. There is a trend of white or gray bathroom cabinets in many modern homes. 

Are you looking to modernize your bathroom cabinets with contemporary bathroom vanity ideas? We have a plethora of excellent vanity cabinet designs and modular bathroom designs that you can select from. Get in touch with us today at Cabinetera to speak with any of our expert bathroom designers.

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Cabinet Era - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanity

Kitchen Design For 2022

It is a new year, and your kitchen design might need a new look. Upgrading and changing the design of your kitchen might be a good way of easing into the thrill of a new year. This article provides tips on different modular kitchen designs to give your kitchen a unique appearance. 

There are several new kitchen cabinet designs and modern kitchen colors that you can try out this new year to change the old feel of your kitchen and make it a more attractive and comfortable place for prepping meals.

The following are kitchen ideas and trends that you may draw inspiration from for your kitchen design:

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

1. Colorful Cabinetry

The kitchen cabinet remains one of the most noticeable pieces of furniture in the kitchen. You can get more adventurous with your kitchen cabinets designs and colors. You can try out emerald greens, rich navy blues, or smokey charcoal. These are modern kitchen colors that give your kitchen a bolder look.

2. Minimalist cabinets

These are new kitchen cabinets designs. They feature a frameless modern kitchen cabinet with hidden hinges, and their handles are appropriately integrated into the design. With these in your kitchen this new year, you’re sure to have a calming and relaxing space.

3. Patterned Floors 

Every year, there is a new pattern design. This year, you can try a different patterned floor design to spruce up the look of your kitchen. Mix up light and dark woods to create an excellent floor design.

4. Disappearing upper Cabinets

You might want to have less clutter in your kitchen. Removal of the upper cabinets is a kitchen design that will be popular this new year. This contemporary kitchen cabinet design will have just the lower cabinetry and make the kitchen look more spacious.

5. Linear Lighting

You may want to use modern and beautiful linear lighting to illuminate your kitchen space. This lighting feature in your kitchen will give your countertop a dazzling look and improve the comfort of the kitchen.

6. Walk-in Pantries

This year, a new kitchen design that will be common is the walk-in pantry. The walk-in pantries will increase the functionality of the kitchen storage for food and other items.

Want more beautiful, modern kitchen design ideas?

Check out our latest kitchen design catalog to get more modular kitchen designs. Or speak to anyone in our team of expert cabinet designers. At Cabinetera, we provide top kitchen designs that suit your unique style and taste. Contact us today for your wholesale kitchen cabinets.

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Cabinet Era - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanity

5 Ultra-Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

Having a bathroom vanity is one of many ways to spruce up the interior of your bathroom. As you already know, the bathroom is an important area within our living space, and more often a place where we relax and free the mind of worries while enjoying a cool or hot bath. 

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make your bathroom space as appealing as possible. In its most basic look, the vanity in your bathroom is a piece of furniture with drawers and one or more cabinets. Usually, it is right below the sink and a mirror. It is also an essential utility and design feature if you’re looking to make the most of your bathroom space. 

Here, we discuss five ultra-modern bathroom vanity designs, which are a great help if you’re on the lookout for vanity cabinet designs or bathroom design ideas

Bathroom Vanity Designs
Bathroom Vanity Designs

1. Try Conventional Wooden Bathroom Vanity Designs

For a modern bathroom, using wooden bathroom vanities gives you a classic look in your bathroom. The warm and natural feel of the wood gives off a retro and vintage vibe. If you wish to keep water away from the vanity, you can install one with legs so that it stays off the ground.

2.  Loving Sleek and Curvy Bathroom Vanity Designs

The horizontal shape of this bathroom vanity gives it a somewhat modular bathroom vanity design. A great idea for achieving this is combining a beautifully crafted vanity, a small sink, and a curvy modern cabinet, all sitting right under a backlit mirror. You can use dark-colored cabinets against white walls for a beautiful contrast.

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3. Go for a Minimalist’s Bathroom Vanity

A minimalist bathroom design idea essentially focuses more on the bathroom’s functionality than its aesthetics. However, the beauty of the bathroom vanity will still be evident with a minimalist design. Consider installing a simple floating vanity drawer, a wide, yet simple mirror, and a petit utility cabinet. 

4. Pastel-Coloured Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

If you’re looking for a dash of fun vibes in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a pastel-colored bathroom vanity. The color alone introduces a retro feel in the space. Also, you have a perfect bathroom storage design with this bathroom design idea

5. Go for a Spa-Inspired Bathroom Vanity Designs

For a peaceful getaway within the walls of your own house, you can think outside the box for a moment. A spa-like bathroom vanity is a way to go here. In addition to offering you an ideal bathroom storage design, you can be sure of getting a contemporary vanity design.

Want more tips for beautiful bathroom vanity designs? Feel free to reach out to us today and check out our amazing collection of exquisite bathroom vanities at Cabinetera.


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The Best Kitchen Island Countertop

Kitchen islands are notable features of most modern-day kitchen designs. They are very versatile and are focal points in the kitchens due to their functionality. You may choose to have a granite countertop or a quartz countertop design for your kitchen island. In this article, we provide you with an easy guide for choosing the best kitchen countertops for your Kitchen island. Check them out to know what fits your kitchen.

  • Granite Countertops

Choosing a granite countertop for your kitchen island gives it a solid and unique look. They are resistant to heat, scratching, and stains. Although they might be expensive, granite countertops give the kitchen island a beautiful look. 

  • Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a fantastic choice for kitchen island countertops. They are relatively more expensive and usually require high maintenance. The marble design and feel give the kitchen an extraordinary look and improve the richness of the kitchen space. You can choose colored marbles for your kitchen island countertop to give it an excellent aesthetic appeal. 

  • Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops provide a hard surface for the kitchen island and are very easy to maintain. They are not porous and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are resistant to stain, heat and scratch. You can choose a white or cream color for the kitchen island countertop to add an airy feel to your kitchen. These colors will provide an amazing contrast to the walls and cabinets and improve the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen space.

  • Laminate Countertops


Laminates countertops are popular countertops used in the kitchen island. They are layers of plastic glued to a surface like a particleboard. Laminate countertops are relatively affordable and very easy to install. They come in different colors and patterns and are resistant to heat and stains. 

  • Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is a good material for a countertop. It requires no maintenance and is indestructible. Stainless steel Countertops are very hygienic and resistant to heat, stains, and moisture. 

  • Wood and Butcher Block Countertops

Using natural wood as a countertop provides a warm appearance that gives the kitchen a warm and natural look. They are easy to repair and install, and you can also remove scratches by sanding.


Visit Cabinetera to get the best kitchen countertops for your kitchen island that will match your style and preference – we provide the best countertops. We also offer the best kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a modern look. Contact us today for wholesale kitchen cabinets and get tips for your kitchen design.

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Cabinet Era - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanity

L- Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Ideas & Details

Creating a modern-looking kitchen does not necessarily require an expensive makeover. In fact, what you do need is the right ideas, some classic or modern decorative pieces, and of course, the right professional guidance. 

Contrary to some opinions, you can even do this yourself. In this post, we’ll highlight a few latest kitchen design ideas that will help you transform your old kitchen into that L- shaped modular kitchen design you’ve always wanted. 

Let’s get right to it!

L- Shaped Modular Kitchen Design
L- Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

Choose yellow for a flamboyant look

Have you checked out how chic yellow can make your interior appear? Modern cabinets come in some cool light colors, and one of them is yellow. If you’re looking to switch things up, consider using yellow-colored kitchen cabinets. Against a lovely backsplash, this update can dramatically turn the look within your kitsch around. 

Consider coffee-colored kitchen cabinets and tiles

This is a fantastic idea for a modern L-shaped kitchen design. You can’t help but notice the relaxed and inviting ambiance it creates within the kitchen. It is a perfect example of a modular kitchen design with details that exude warmth and style. With adequate storage space, you can also throw in some light decorations as the cherry on top of the design.

Try the L-shaped kitchen design with an island

If you’re concerned about space and storage, you should try out the L-Shaped kitchen design with an island. This design gives you the open layout feel while still allowing you access to enough prep space.

Subtle and sophisticated Modern L-Shaped kitchen design

Here’s another excellent kitchen cabinet design that you might want to try out. This combination of subtle and slightly sophisticated kitchen design looks so simple and sophisticated at the same time. 

The L-shaped modular kitchen design can have an additional breakfast counter-type space. The sophisticated look can come in the form of exquisite floor designs of patterns. In this kitchen, you have room for moving around, entertaining friends, and preparing meals as usual, as well as enough storage space in the kitchen cabinets. 

Broken L-Shaped Kitchen design

The broken L-shaped kitchen design is best for homeowners with multiple walkways in their kitchen area. This modular kitchen design works around entry and exit-ways by cutting off counter space and cabinetry. It then adds to adjacent, disconnected walls. This way you gave enough room for both work and traffic flow.

Want to learn more?

For more chic L-shaped modular kitchen design ideas, feel free to check out our latest kitchen design catalog or talk to any of our kitchen cabinet design experts today. At Cabinetera, we kitchen design ideas that suit your style and personality. Contact us today to get started.

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Cabinet Era - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanity

What To Consider When Choosing the Bathroom Counter Height

Bathroom countertops are a significant area of a bathroom design. This is where we keep our soaps, cosmetics, toothbrushes, and tubes of toothpaste. So, when it’s time to carry out a bathroom remodel, bathroom counter height vanities are typically factored in. The countertop is where you carry out most early morning personal routines. It is where you brush your teeth and have a mental review of your day’s tasks while you stare into the mirror.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing your bathroom counter height

Bathroom Counter Height
Bathroom Counter Height

What does your current space look like?  

The space available in the bathroom will largely determine the counter height. A small space would mean a small-sized counter with a shorter height. A spacious bathroom will have enough room to fit a cabinet with a standard bathroom counter height.


Traffic Flow in the Bathroom 

The counter height will also depend on the number of people using the bathroom. You would have to consider the number of persons moving in and out of the bathroom at a time when choosing your bathroom count height. Are they adults, children, or elderly? An accessible bathroom counter height is ideal for a bathroom with a lot of traffic.


Plumbing and Lighting  

The location of the plumbing and other electrical outlets determines the counter height. Ideally, it should be high enough to hide the plumbing and be close to the lighting source, but also far from electrical outlets. 


Location of Other Bathroom Features. 

While remodeling the bathroom, the design may include mirrors, cabinets, and other features that may not need to be changed. This means that the new counter height must match these existing features. It must not be too short from the mirror or too tall for the cabinet.


Who Will be Using the Bathroom?

A standard bathroom counter height is about 30 – 32 inches. This height is quite idle for kids. The users of the counter will determine the size. There are different heights suitable for the kid’s bathroom and those for the master’s bathroom. The ideal counter height should match the users. Kids should have shorter counters to avoid them stretching, and adults should have a taller counter to prevent back pain from bending.


Do you need a particular counter height for your bathroom? Our team at Cabinetera can help you get the right cabinet with the perfect dimensions. Call us today at (708)78257777 or (410)8344808.

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