Why J&K Cabinetry? All you Need to Know About J&K Cabinets

If you value the aesthetics of your home, you’ll most likely pay some attention to details like the quality, style or brand, color, and decorations within your living space. Cabinets, in particular, are the most conspicuous parts of your kitchen. You also find them in the bathroom, but majorly in the kitchen.

J&K Cabinetry offers distinctive and stylish cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms that are uniquely designed for home-owners who dream of high quality and elegant cabinetry. J&K cabinets stylishly present you, the customers, with excellent and exceptional craftsmanship, the kind that fits environmental friendliness.

If you`re looking to remodel your kitchen, replace bad fixtures, or simply install new cabinets for your new kitchen space, then here are the fundamental features of J&K cabinetry, which of course, is why they stand out.


J and K  contemporary cabinetry create their own reflection of the times. Without a doubt, the clean, sleek look of the cabinets is sure to add a modern feel to your home decoration. In fact, it has smooth and streamlined ornamentation, which is minimal, geometric, and well defined.


J and K cabinets are transitional in nature and design. This means that the cabinetry blends the best of exciting warm and cozy traditional design elements, such as color, texture, perspective, etc., as well as the clean, simple lines of contemporary style. The result of this combination is an attractive set of homemade cabinets that go for a premium price on the market.


They are just as every bit traditional as they are contemporary. J & K cabinetry creates elegant kitchens and baths in everyone’s home, with its traditional doors. J & K cabinetry has earned itself an incomparable standard, defined by details, such as a formal look with clean lines and delicate curves.

Essentially, with J and K cabinetry installed in your home, you can experience luxury, beauty, and comfort. At Cabinetera, we have experienced professionals who can help you source for your desired kind of cabinets, the quantity you want, and help you install them. Sometimes, picking out the best cabinets for your home can be a daunting task, especially for people who are new to being homeowners.

In this case, you can rely on the expertise and experience of our staff at Cabinetera. We have been in the business and industry for several years, and we believe that we can offer our clients the best professional advice when it comes to deciding which is best.

What Wood Material is Used For J&K Cabinetry?

J&K Cabinetry uses 3/4 inch solid wood for its cabinet doors. The same goes for frames, decors, moldings, and drawers. J&K cabinetry also uses 3/4 inch plywood for their cabinet box construction.

The NEW J&K economy line E1 Dove and E2 Charcoal door frames consist of 3/4 inch maple wood, while the center door and center drawer panels are made from 1/4 inch cabinet grade plywood. For the cabinet box construction, they are made from 3/4 inch plywood.

Reasons Why You Should Consider getting J&K Cabinets Today

Because of the quality it offers, J&K cabinets are also called the win-win partner for your kitchen and bath cabinetry. Here are some reasons you want to consider going for J and K cabinets for your home today.

  1. Cost Saving: With J&K`s dedicated factory supply, you can cut down on middle-man expenses and save a few bucks during sales and delivery.
  2. Time-Saving:J&K has an extensive nationwide network, and with its in-stock cabinets, customers can get a quick turnaround time on all orders.
  3. Man-power Saving: The company also offers a professional cabinet assembling service, which saves the workforce for assembling the cabinets using drop shipping/pick-up options available.
  4. Exceptional craftsmanship: starting with the exquisite design of all J&K cabinets to their technical greatness and environmental-friendliness, it is rare to find a situation of malfunction in any shipment. All cabinets are checked before shipping to ensure that they conform to the standard features that customers are looking for.

If you are on the lookout for great cabinets for your home, you can hardly go wrong by choosing J & K cabinets.

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