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Everything You Need to Know About Working with a Kitchen Designer

Are you planning on starting a kitchen project soon? Have you thought about enlisting the services of a professional? Getting a professional to handle your interior kitchen work can make all the difference.

Whether it is updating your tired finishes, re-imagining the look and layout of your space, or a complete overhaul of the kitchen, working with a professional kitchen designer is highly recommended.

But how do you know you`ve selected the right contractor? Or how do you even talk to a kitchen designer about what you want in your kitchen? Read on to learn everything you need for your kitchen and what to expect from a designer.

When and Why Can I Hire a Kitchen Designer?

Re-designing or remodeling your kitchen is an expensive undertaking. If you intend to remodel your kitchen, it is advisable to hire the best hand on the job, just to ensure that the job is done well, both in form and function.

It is a good idea to hire a professional when you need guidance through the kitchen design process. The kitchen designer will help you with ideas from consultation to installation. Although, not all kitchen upgrades require a kitchen designer. For instance, an interior designer can help with small changes, including replacing the countertop or backsplash. However, for installing new cabinets and other major kitchen projects, a kitchen designer is a better choice..

Kitchen designers know the latest products and trends on the market. They can also recommend good subcontractors and suppliers to the homeowner. Additionally, they can look at your kitchen with fresh eyes and suggest new layouts and appliance configurations.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Sometimes, it is not the design you want that matters most to you, but the choice of the designer to create that design. Before you decide to talk to a kitchen designer, you must already have an idea of the kind of feel and design you want to achieve in your kitchen. To help you narrow down your options to the right designer, you may need to look for similar projects that carry the same feeling you’d like to achieve.

For instance, you can browse through the repertoire of kitchen designs we have at Cabineteria for more options. You also want to look out for a kitchen designer that is a pro in what you intend to achieve. For instance, while looking at the profile of the designer, note the styles and quality projects you see, as that can also give you an idea of the experience level of that designer.

The result you`ll get may also depend on the professional affiliations of the contractor. Independent designers, for instance, may have contractors they work with regularly, but they don’t have any official affiliations with any products or brands.

On the other hand, designers affiliated with a specific product line or kitchen design shop do know the cabinetry, lighting, and flooring of the brands they represent and may play a dual role as both designer and dealer.

The Interview Process

Now that you’ve worked out all the major details you want for the kitchen as well as the kind of designer you`d like to work with, it is time to reach out to the designer. You should schedule at least 3 physical meetings where you get to talk to the kitchen designer and get a glimpse into their style, perspectives, and approach to work. This should also include a visit to the kitchen design shop of that designer.

At this point, ensure you ask all the relevant questions you need to ask, including the price of items, service charge, the designer’s past projects, how long it would take to complete your project, etc.

Plan the Project

Having selected the kitchen designer you`d like to work with, the next thing is to plan the execution of the project. Avoid rushing the process, as much as you can. Talk to the kitchen designer about the size of your kitchen, how you would like to use it, the preferred position for your heavy appliances, how long the project will take, and so on.

It is at this point that the designer begins to structure your kitchen in line with your expectations. You`ll know the kind of cabinets you want to install, and the countertop, flooring, and lighting that is ideal for you. Bear in mind that the planning phase can take up to two months, depending on the designer you are working with and the type of project you want to execute.

Final Thoughts

It is not uncommon for homeowners to want to incorporate an idea that was not initially in the plan after the project gets underway. Yes, you may want to take out or replace something in the interior kitchen work or design, but be sure to talk to the kitchen designer about it before it is too late.

Talk to us today about your kitchen remodel plans at Cabineteria, and we’d be delighted to assist. To explore our rich designs, you can reach us at (708) 78257777 and (410) 8344808 or visit any of our showrooms in Arlington, Baltimore, and Waldorf.

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